AgFax Weekend: USDA Neutral for Soybeans, Bearish for Corn

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USDA Reports Neutral for Soybeans, Bearish for Wheat, Corn – DTN   5-14

Ag Trade: Groups Seek Federal Intervention Against Unfair Ocean Carriers – DTN   5-11

Hard Winter Wheat Tour Begins Next Week – DTN   5-14

Cotton: The Evolving U.S. Safety Net   5-14

Soybeans: ADM to Build First Crush Plant in North Dakota – DTN   5-11

Railroad Merger: Kansas City Southern Switches Tracks to CN From CP – DTN   5-14

Ag Trade: Longtime Republican Trade Staffer Named WTO Deputy   5-14


Drought Monitor Weekly: Conditions Out West Continue to Deteriorate   5-14

Oklahoma: 10 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-11

New Mexico: 33 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-11

Kansas: 30 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-11

Colorado: 63 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-11



Minnesota: Dry Weather and Weed Management – Good or Bad?   5-14

Liberty Herbicide: A Refresher for Maximizing Efficacy – DTN   5-14


California Almonds: May Orchard Management Considerations   5-11

USDA Reports – Scroll Down


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-14

Rice Market Update: USDA Projects Higher Acres Than Industry Analysts   5-14

Ag Trade: China Corn Purchases Continue, Inflation Garners Attention, Mississippi Barge Traffic Disrupted   5-14

Moving Grain: Barge Tonnages Reach Record High   5-14

Wheat Market: Rail Merger Proposals Should Improve Competition, Hold Down Shipping Rates   5-13

Ag Trade: Soybean Futures Hit $16, Inflation Concerns Persist, Shipping Costs Rise   5-13

Corn, Soybeans: Chances of Lower Harvest Time Prices on 2021 Futures Contracts   5-12

Corn Prices Climb Nearly 50% in 2021   5-11

Livestock: An Overview of Meat Consumption in the U.S.   5-13

USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-11

Ag Trade: China Makes 5th Largest Purchase of U.S. Corn, Brazil Soy Exports Hit Monthly Record   5-10

Thompson on Cotton: High Grain Prices Causes Acreage Shifts   5-10



Arkansas Cotton: 1 Gin Closed, 2 More Opened in 2020   5-14

Fuel Report: Prices Jump Higher; Propane Stocks Rise, Still Below Average   5-12

Mississippi: Extension Extends Farm Stress Webinar   5-12

Kansas: Rural Areas Are ‘Mental Health Deserts’   5-12

Mississippi: Low Broadband Access Hinders Modern Producers   5-10


Mississippi Irrigation: How to Determine Where to Install Soil Moisture Sensors   5-11

Florida: Liming Material Options for Crop, Forage Production   5-11

Mississippi: 2021 Irrigation Season Approaching   5-10

Corn | Soybeans

Alabama Corn: Management Considerations for Nematodes   5-14

Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Stand Establishment Critical for Early Planted Crops   5-13

Minnesota: Pros and Cons of Planting Green   5-13

Michigan Soybeans: Planting Depth Considerations When Soils Are Dry   5-13

Arkansas Corn: What are the Yield Expectations of May Planted Crops?   5-12

Minnesota Corn: Evaluate Your Stand   5-13

Ohio Corn: Growing Degree Days vs. Calendar Days – How Long Will Emergence Take?   5-11

Alabama Soybeans: How Are Early Planted Crops Doing? – Video   5-14

Michigan Soybeans: Assessing Frost/Freeze Damage to Emerged Crops   5-13

Mississippi Corn: Optimizing Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer   5-10

Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Interseeding Cover Crops – What We’ve Learned   5-10


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