AgFax Weekend: Commodity Price Spike – What Happened?

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Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


Why Have Commodity Prices All Spiked Significantly Higher? – DTN   5-6

Farmers Concerned About Possible Changes in Estate Tax Policy – Ag Barometer   5-4

Farmland Values: Bullish Outlook Continues – DTN   5-7

DTN Fertilizer Trends: More Muted Price Gains   5-6

USDA Announces May Lending Rates   5-3

Hearing Looks at Farm Worker Overtime Exclusions – DTN   5-5

Cleveland on Cotton: Market Reclaims High Ground, Fundamentals Remain Bullish   5-7

Biden Conservation Plan Dubbed “America the Beautiful” – DTN   5-7

Conserving Land and Water – The Biden Administration 30×30 Plan – Commentary   5-4

Crop Insurance: How Likely Is Supplemental Area Coverage to Over-Compensate for Damage?   5-7

Keep Dakota Access Pipeline Open, Urges Corps of Engineers – DTN   5-5

Is Ad Hoc Assistance Justified in the Presence of Commodity Programs?   5-4

EPA Chief Visits Iowa Biofuels Plant – DTN   5-6

Crop Insurance: Supplemental Area Insurance and Basis Risk Measures   5-6

Biofuels: EPA Asks Court to Vacate RFS Exemptions – DTN   5-4

Grain Bin Safety: ‘SILO’ Highlights the Horror of Entrapment – DTN   5-3

USDA Announces Listening Session on Impacts of COVID-19 on New Farmers   5-5

Biofuels: Nebraska and EPA Look for Solutions to AltEn Ethanol Plant Waste – DTN   5-7

South Dakota Farmer Sues USDA on Wetlands Battle – DTN   5-7



Drought Monitor Weekly: Large Pockets of Severe Weather   5-7


Dicamba Settlement Deadline – DTN   5-7

10 Ways to Reduce Spray Drift   5-7

Arkansas Rice: Ryegrass Control Is Important Before Emergence   5-7

Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Flexible Herbicides If You Need to Switch Crops   5-7

Tennessee Corn: Ryegrass, Fescue Management in Emerged Fields   5-7

Nebraska: E3 Soybeans – Which 2,4-D Product to Use for Burndown?   5-7

Georgia: Strongarm Carryover from Peanuts to Field Corn   5-7

Kansas Sorghum: Shattercane Showing 5-Fold Resistance   5-7


California Almonds: May Spray Considerations in a Tight Fiscal Year   5-6

California Walnuts: May Orchard Management Considerations   5-4



Fuel Report: Prices See Modest Rise   5-5


Mississippi: Dealing with Stink Bugs in Corn, Thrips in Cotton – Podcast   5-5

Florida: How’s Your Crop Fertility After Recent Heavy Rains?   5-3

Mississippi: Time to Install Watermark Irrigation Sensors   5-3

Corn | Soybeans

Corn: Crop Insurance Coverage Levels and ECO Use   5-5

Corn Planting Rate Fastest Since 2015   5-4

Louisiana Soybeans: Slow Planting Season Continues   5-7

Minnesota: Be on Lookout for Black Cutworms   5-6

Kentucky Corn, Soybeans: Conditions Suitable for Increased Mollusk Activity   5-6

Georgia Corn: Needed Rain Brings High Winds, Hail, Flooding   5-5

Alabama Soybeans: How Did Sub-Freezing Nights Affect Early Crops? – Video   5-5

Michigan: Time to Start Thinking About Irrigation Water Management   5-4

Corn: Nitrogen Management – Getting Your Numbers Right   5-5

Minnesota: Potassium Management Considerations – Podcast   5-3

Nebraska Soybeans: Is Nitrogen Limiting High Yields?   5-3

Michigan: Your Fields Could Benefit from Early-Season Irrigation   5-3

Mississippi Corn: How to Identify Vegetative Growth Stages – Video   5-3

Cotton | Sorghum

Texas LRGV: Aphids Skyrocket in Cotton, Keep Watch for Sugarcane Aphids in Sorghum   5-7

Tennessee Cotton: Using the Thrips Infestation Predictor   5-5

Mississippi: Grain Sorghum Planting Recommendations for 2021   5-3

North Carolina Cotton: Planting Conditions – Be Cautious of Incoming Cool Front   5-4


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