Arkansas Rice: Reduced Chance of Rain May Speed Planting

    Rice planting: Photo: University of Arkansas

    Fingers are crossed as today’s (4-15) rain chances and amounts seem to be dwindling.  Monday’s planting progress report had us at 13% planted.  A nice jump that’s behind the 5-year average (23%) but still much further along than we were in 2020.

    Considering the progress that was made the early part of this week before Wednesday’s rain, and the potential to start getting back in the field this weekend, we should be around 20-25% planted by the next report.

    The temperature forecast for next week is below average with highs in the 60s and some lows touching into the 30s.  However, with north winds blowing we may finally get several dry days in a row to get a move on things.

    The goal remains to “finish” fields in the dry windows, meaning to get planted, levees up, and herbicides sprayed before the next round of rain.  This will help prevent early season management problems that can arise when we get out of sync.

    NOAA 7 day precipitation forecast

    Fig. 1. NOAA 7-day precipitation forecast. Click Image to Enlarge

    2010-2021 AR Rice Planting Progress

    Fig. 2. AR Rice Planting Progress, 2010-2021. Click Image to Enlarge

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