AgFax Weekend: Corteva Sheds Dicamba | Biden Defends Infrastructure Plan

    Dicamba injured soybeans. Photo: Iowa State University


    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Corteva Sheds Dicamba Herbicides – DTN   4-9

    WASDE Report Bullish for Corn, Wheat, Bearish for Soybeans – DTN   4-9

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Continue Higher, Some More Than Others   4-8

    Biden Defends Infrastructure Plan as Necessary to Compete with China – DTN   4-9

    Strong Commodity Prices and Improved Financial Conditions – Ag Barometer   4-6

    Cleveland on Cotton: USDA Gives the Market a Small Gift   4-9

    Dissecting USDA’s Prospective Plantings Report – DTN  4-5

    New Legislation Would Impact Tax on Farm Estates, Inherited Gains   4-7

    Ag Trade: 2020 Exports 2nd Highest on Record, Led by Soybeans, Corn, Pork to China   4-8

    Pests Waking Up – What’s Active Where? – DTN   4-8

    Farming the Wind: Should You Lease Land for Wind Turbines? – DTN   4-7

    Rice: PLC Payments – How Do They Work Under Current Differentiated Program?   4-9

    Biden’s Infrastructure Plan – Tackling More Than Roads, Bridges – DTN   4-5

    Biofuels: Indiana Bill Sparks E15 Controversy – DTN   4-8



    Drought Monitor Weekly: General Deterioration Despite Some Heavy Rains   4-9

    Mississippi: Delta Ag Weather Center Offers Important Weather Data – Podcast   4-7


    Tennessee: Herbicides in Short Supply, Choosing the Right Alternatives   4-7

    Ohio: Dandelion Control – Spring/Summer Herbicide Options   4-7

    Alabama Corn, Soybeans: Burndown and Preemergence Herbicide Options – Video   4-7

    Calibration for Rate Controlled Sprayers   4-6


    California Almonds: Drought Management – 2021 Update  4-5

    USDA Reports – Scroll Down


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-9

    Rice Market Update: Lacking Demand, Especially for Milled Rice   4-9

    Moving Grain: Funding Opportunity for Port Infrastructure   4-9

    Corn, Soybeans: How Surprising Was the Prospective Plantings Report?   4-8

    Wheat Conditions Highlight “Haves” and “Have Nots” – DTN   4-8

    Soybeans: Tight Supplies Pushing Basis Higher – DTN   4-7

    5 Observations on Last Week’s USDA Reports   4-6

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-6

    Thompson on Cotton: Still Strong Potential for Dec. Contracts  4-5

    Ag Trade: China – African Swine Fever Issues Persist, U.S. Tariffs Remain For Now  4-5

    Cleveland on Cotton: Technicals Not Friendly, Fundamentals Remain Positive  4-5



    Tyson Opens Tennessee Poultry Plant – DTN   4-9

    Minnesota: How to Approach Carbon Market Opportunities   4-9

    Fuel Report: Diesel Moves Lower, Gas Up Slightly   4-7


    Mississippi: Fundamental Fertilizer Management for 2021  4-5

    Planter Calibration: Using Blocks to Check Depth Settings – Video   4-9

    Mississippi: Irrigation Updates – Videos  4-5

    Corn | Soybeans

    Minnesota Corn: 7 Steps to Optimize Planting   4-9

    Alabama Soybeans: 100 bu/acre Growers Share Tips for Higher Yields – Video   4-9

    Iowa Corn: Can “Social Distancing” from Cereal Rye Mitigate Losses?   4-9

    Minnesota Corn: Why You Shouldn’t Overreact to Rising Nitrogen Prices   4-8

    Mississippi Soybeans: Planting Window Is Open for Business – Podcast   4-7

    Kentucky: Prevent Cutworm Damage to Cut Losses   4-7

    North Carolina Corn: What Are Optimal Planting Conditions? – Video   4-7

    Louisiana Soybeans: 2021 Planting Beginning About a Week Behind   4-7

    Midwest Soybeans: 7 Tips for Success with Early Planting – DTN   4-6

    Pennsylvania Corn: Updated Fungicide Efficacy Chart Available   4-5



    Tennessee Cotton: Dealing with Plant Bugs – Video   4-8


    Texas Hemp: Videos Outline Legal, Budget, Risk Management Considerations   4-7

    Pennsylvania Hemp: Research, Production, Harvest, and Processing – Videos   4-6


    Livestock: How Has COVID Changed the Industry? – DTN   4-6


    Georgia Pecans: Cold Weather Damage and When to Start Spraying   4-9


    Mississippi: Let’s Talk About Rice – Podcast   4-9

    Arkansas Rice: Slow Progress Is Still Progress   4-5


    Tobacco: Prospects for 2021 Planting, According to USDA   4-9


    Global Markets: Oilseeds – Brazil Posts Record Soybean Exports in March   4-9

    Global Markets: Cotton – Record 2020/21 Imports for Pakistan   4-9

    Global Markets: Coarse Grains – Canada’s Exports to Rise Higher   4-9

    Global Markets: Rice – Burmese Exports Disrupted Amid Coup   4-9

    WASDE Oilseeds: Higher Soybean Exports, Reduced Domestic Usage   4-9

    WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased Corn Consumption, Lower Ending Stocks   4-9

    WASE Wheat: Lower Supplies, Demand, Higher Ending Stocks   4-9

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