AgFax Weekend: Battle Royal for Acreage | Farmers Upgrading Equipment

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    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Is the Price Climb Slowing?   4-2

    USDA Announces April 2021 Lending Rates   4-1

    Acreage Decisions Will Be Battle Royal – DTN   4-1

    Equipment Upgrades – Flush Farmers Leading to Parts Frenzy – DTN   4-1

    Shurley on Cotton: Ho-Hum Export Report and Unsettled Planting Intentions   4-2

    USDA 2021 Marketing Assistance Loan Rates   3-31

    Ag Economy: Gasoline Sales Lift Ethanol- Corn; Higher Prices Impacting Farmland Values   3-31

    New Soybean Record: Historical Growing of Production in Brazil   3-31

    Ethanol to Make Case With Biden Admin. – DTN   3-29


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Widespread Precipitation Across Midsouth   4-2

    NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – April   4-2



    Now’s the Time to Fine Tune Your Sprayer   3-30

    7 Reminders for Pesticide Safety   3-30

    Iowa: Expectations for Volunteer Corn This Spring   3-30


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-2

    Moving Grain: High Water, Flooding Beset Lower Mississippi River   4-2

    Wheat: USDA Predicts Decline in Spring Planted Area   4-2

    Rice Market Update: USDA Reports Expected Decline in Long Grain Acres   4-2

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-1

    Grain Stocks: Soybeans Significantly Lower, Corn, Wheat Down Slightly   4-1

    Livestock: Hogs and Pigs Report a “A Bullish Supply Shock”   4-1

    Livestock: Watching African Swine Fever in China, Demand for Feed and Pork   3-30

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-30

    Ag Trade: How Has the Suez Canal Blockage Affected Ag Markets?   3-29

    Thompson on Cotton: Despite Recent Losses, The Sky’s Not Falling Yet   3-29

    Shurley on Cotton: What’s Happened To All The Bullish Optimism?   3-29



    Fuel Report: Gas Down Slightly, Diesel Continues to Rise   3-31


    Mississippi: Producers Lock in 2021 Planting Intentions   4-1

    Mississippi: Early Season Soil Fertility Considerations – Podcast   4-1

    Arkansas: Corn, Cotton, Soybean Markets Surge on Planting Intentions   4-1

    Alabama: Evaluating Lime Sources – Video   4-1

    Crop Production: Why Is Soil Structure So Important? – Video   3-31

    Alabama: Are You Getting the Most from Your Ammonia Volatilization Product? – Video   3-30

    Corn | Soybeans

    Iowa: Considerations for No-Till, High-Residue Fields in a Predicted Dry Season   4-2

    North Carolina Soybeans: What Seeding Rate Should You Use?   4-2

    Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Derecho Residue Management Tips – DTN   4-1

    Georgia Corn: Cold Days Ahead   4-1

    Minnesota Corn: Considerations as Planting Nears – Podcast   3-31

    Iowa: Corn, Soybean Planting Date Considerations   4-2

    Minnesota Corn: Optimizing Crop Rotations with Alfalfa   3-31


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