AgFax Weekend: PPP Dispute | Optimistic Outlook for Ag Markets

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    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Farmers in Partnerships Limited from PPP Despite Congressional Wishes – DTN   3-18

    Ag Market Outlook – Analysts See Signs of Optimism   3-15

    Biden Administration Working Through Farm Aid Needs – DTN   3-19

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: UAN28, Anhydrous Prices Highest Since 2015   3-18

    Cleveland on Cotton: Lackadaisical Week Defies Bullish Signals   3-19

    House Passes Ag Labor Bill – DTN   3-19

    Missouri River Flooding Lawsuit Delayed – DTN   3-19

    U.S. Farming Distribution by State – 50 Years of Little Change   3-17

    House Passes the Farm Workforce Modernization Act   3-19


    Midwest Weather: Dry Forecast Continues – DTN   3-19

    Drought Monitor Weekly: Widespread Precipitation Across Central U.S.   3-19

    NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – April, May, June   3-19



    Dicamba Regulations: Required Tank Additives – DTN   3-19

    Tennessee Corn: Thoughts on Herbicide Premixes   3-19

    Pest Management: Do You Have the Right Nozzles for Your Sprayer?   3-16

    Kentucky: Expanded Testing For Commercial Applicator Licenses   3-17


    California Almonds: Irrigating and Deep Soil Moisture After Rainy Season   3-15


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-19

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-19

    Moving Grain: Mississippi River Barge Operations Continue To Improve   3-19

    Rice Market Update: High Ocean Freight Rates Complicate the Marketplace   3-19

    Grain Transportation: Great Lakes Shipping Season Fast Approaching – DTN   3-18

    Ag Trade: USA Rice Brings Attention to Global Shipping Woes   3-17

    Chinese Corn Demand – Some See More Purchases as a Possibility   3-17

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-16

    Shurley on Cotton: Have Prices Leveled Out?   3-16

    Livestock: African Swine Fever in China Continues to Impact Markets   3-17

    Louisiana Farm Bureau Urges Training of Grain Graders   3-16

    Thompson On Cotton: Volatility Reigns Supreme Amid USDA Reports   3-15



    Fuel Report: Price Climb Continues   3-17

    Georgia Peanut Commission Teams with NASCAR Driver for Peanut Butter Donation   3-19

    USA Rice Stewardship Partnership Gains New Sponsor   3-16


    Mississippi: Soil Health – Effects of Poultry Litter Applications   3-15

    Corn | Soybeans

    Louisiana Corn: Nitrogen Rate and Fertilization Timing   3-19

    Alabama Corn: Pre-Plant Considerations   3-19

    Michigan Soybeans: Phosphorus, Potassium Fertilizer Recommendations   3-19

    Louisiana Corn: Starter Fertilizer – Is It Needed?   3-19

    North Carolina Soybeans: Seed Treatment Considerations for 2021   3-19

    Michigan: Soybeans After Soybeans – Planting Recommendations   3-19

    Minnesota: N Inhibitors and Other Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers – Worth the Cost?   3-17

    Southwest Michigan: Fall Harvest Conditions Left a Mixed Bag of Challenges   3-19

    Illinois Soybeans: Important Tillage Benchmarks   3-17


    Cotton | Sorghum

    Sorghum: 3 New Herbicide-Tolerant Varieties Arrive – DTN   3-19

    Tennessee Cotton: The Basics of Plant Growth Management – Video   3-19

    Cotton: Planting Season Fast Approaching, Have You Decided on Your Variety?   3-19

    Southeast Cotton: Early Thrips, Nematode Control Critical for a Good Season   3-16

    Kansas Sorghum: 2020 Hybrid Test Results Available Online   3-15


    Livestock: 4 Safety Considerations When Working with Animals – DTN   3-18


    Mississippi: Peanut Management Update – Video   3-15

    Georgia Peanut Commission Holds Referendum March 15 – April 16   3-15


    Texas Blacklands Wheat: Insect, Disease Pressure Rise   3-19

    Ohio Wheat: Growth Stages, Associated Management – Feekes 6.0-9.0   3-16

    Oklahoma Wheat: Diseases Mostly Quiet, but Some Popping Up   3-16

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