AgFax Weekend: Stimulus Aids Disadvantaged Farmers

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    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Self-Employed Farmers Can Still Benefit from PPP   3-11

    Biden Stimulus Package Includes Billions in Aid for Disadvantaged Farmers   3-10

    Fertilizer: U.S. International Trade Commission Orders Import Duties on P   3-12

    Senate Confirms Michael Regan to EPA – DTN   3-11

    Cleveland on Cotton: Fundamentals Still Strongly Bullish   3-12

    Corn, Soybeans: Crop Insurance Decisions for 2021   3-10

    Grain Transportation: U.S. Infrastructure Improves, Still a Long Way to Go – DTN   3-10

    Crop Farming: The Importance of Growers Adopting New Tech   3-9

    Aid Bill Sees Final Passage for Disadvantaged Farmers – DTN   3-11


    Weather: Less Missouri River Flood Risk Forecast – DTN   3-9

    Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Dry Week   3-12

    North Carolina: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Excessive Rains   3-8

    Texas: 7 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas to Arctic Storm   3-8



    Dicamba: Politics Tainted Decision Making, Says EPA – DTN   3-12

    Indiana Wheat: Spring Herbicide Applications   3-12

    Iowa: Online Commercial Pesticide Applicator Testing in the Works   3-12

    Tennessee Corn: Late Burndown Options   3-12

    Biden Reviewing EPA Atrazine Actions – DTN   3-12

    Indiana: Spring Burndown Considerations – Air Temps And Herbicide Efficacy   3-11

    Dicamba: States Can’t Extend Spray Dates – DTN   3-11

    Georgia: Dicamba Applicator Certified License Update   3-9

    Tennessee Sorghum: 6 Weed Management Pointers   3-12

    Dicamba: Arkansas Eyes Rule Change – DTN   3-9


    California Almonds: Drought Considerations This Spring   3-8

    USDA Reports – Scroll Down


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-12

    2021 Cotton Market Outlook – Video   3-12

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-12

    Grain Markets: How Do Soybean – Corn Ratios Affect Prices?   3-12

    Rice Market Updated: Planting Begins, Acres Expected to Decline   3-12

    USDA Reports Summary – DTN   3-10

    Livestock: Prop 12 Disrupts Hog Supply, Says Rabobank – DTN   3-12

    Moving Grain: Barge Movements Recover From Previous Low Tonnages   3-11

    Farm Exports to China Surge, Logistical Concerns Over Shipping Containers   3-11

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-9

    Livestock: African Swine Fever Issues Persist, Hog Prices Rise   3-9



    Georgia Peanut Farmers Donate Peanut Butter to DC Central Kitchen   3-12

    Rice at Forefront of Senate Climate Hearing   3-11

    Southern Cotton Ginners Association Recognizes Bourland for Breeding, Research   3-10

    Fuel Report: Propane Stocks 15% Below 5-Year Average   3-10


    Nebraska: How Have Cold Temps Affected Insect Overwintering?   3-11

    Iowa: Conducting Field Trials? Consider Spatial Layout   3-11

    Alabama: Why Do Soil Labs Fertilizer Recommendations Differ? – Video   3-10

    Mississippi: Practices That Sequester Soil Carbon   3-8

    Minnesota Cover Crops: 4 Resources to Get You Started   3-8

    Corn | Soybeans

    Iowa: 2021 Stored Grain Management   3-12

    Mississippi Soybeans: Thoughts As Planting Draws Near – Podcast   3-11

    North Carolina Soybeans: Preparing for Planting – Maturity Groups   3-12

    Mississippi Corn: Getting Ready for Planting, Early Season – Podcast   3-9

    Georgia Corn: Planting Dates and Soil Temperature   3-9

    Mississippi Soybeans: 2021 Planting Considerations – Video   3-8

    Texas Corn: Researchers Target Pest Resistance for New Study   3-8


    Cotton | Sorghum

    Texas: Cotton Trials Provide Producers Valuable Information   3-12

    Tennessee Cotton: What to Know About the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol – Video   3-9

    Mississippi Cotton: Production Considerations for 2021 – Video   3-8

    South Carolina Cotton: Clemson Research Focuses on Soil Conservation   3-9


    Georgia Pecans: Ambrosia Beetles Are Active   3-9


    Arkansas Rice: When to Combine Insecticide Seed Treatments   3-9

    Texas Rice: Dr. Mo Way Retires After Stellar Career   3-12

    Arkansas Rice: 2021 Acreage Intentions   3-9


    Tobacco: A Farmer Who’s Bullish on Burley   3-11

    Tobacco: How to Grow the Best Plants You Can   3-11


    Georgia Small Grains: Check Your Fields for Aphids   3-11

    Oklahoma Wheat: Potential Risk of Leaf Injury from Topdressing N This Week   3-9


    Global Markets: Rice – India Expands Exports to Price-Sensitive Sub-Saharan Africa   3-12

    Global Markets: Wheat – U.S. Struggles to Regain Market Share in Nigeria   3-12

    Global Markets: Coarse Grains – India Corn Exports Competitive Regionally   3-12

    Global Markets: Cotton – Higher Prices, Lower Stocks   3-12

    Global Markets: Oilseeds – Argentine Soy Oil Exports Grow with Declining Biodiesel Trade   3-12

    WASDE Cotton: Reduced Domestic Production, Consumption, Ending Stocks   3-9

    WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Stocks Significantly Lower Than Last Year   3-9

    WASDE Rice: Projected Prices Increased   3-9

    WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased World Production, Trade   3-9

    WASDE Wheat: Higher Global Supplies, Increased Consumption   3-9

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