AgFax Weekend: Getting Your Planter Ready | Climate Change Income Potential

    Planting and applying pre-emerge herbicide. ©Debra L Ferguson


    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Is Your Planter Ready for Spring? 5 Maintenance Tips – DTN   3-4

    Crop Insurance: RP, ECO, and SCO Tradeoffs   3-4

    Derecho Aid Gets Blown Away from House Relief Bill – DTN   3-4

    Court Stay Allows Waters of the U.S. Rule Review – DTN   3-5

    USDA Extends Application Deadline for the Quality Loss Adjustment Program   3-5

    Commodity Classic Raises Concerns on Climate Change – DTN   3-5

    Cleveland on Cotton: Bearish Week but a Strong Finish   3-5

    Climate Change: An Income Opportunity for Farmers?   3-1

    Producers Bullish About Farmland Values Amid Strong Conditions – Ag Barometer   3-3

    Corn, Soybeans: Crop Insurance Guarantees Highest in Years – DTN   3-1

    Ag Economy: Recent Insights from NASS Reports   3-2

    USDA Announces March 2021 Lending Rates   3-1

    U.S. Trade Rep Hearing – Trade Barriers, Opportunities Discussed – DTN   3-1

    Ag Economy: Feb. Observations from the Federal Reserve   3-4

    Arguments for Raising Minimum Wage, Commodity Loan Rates Greatly Overlap – Commentary   3-3

    RFS: Co-Op Threatened with Closure Without Small Refinery Exemption – DTN   3-2



    Drought Monitor Weekly: Some Heavy Rains, Dry Out West   3-5

    Texas: Ag Losses from Arctic Storm Exceed $600Mln   3-4

    Louisiana: Assessing Freeze Damage to Crops, Livestock, Crawfish   3-3

    Texas: What La Niña Means for the Winter Fire Season   3-3

    NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – March   3-2


    The High Cost Weeds – Importance of Early Management – DTN   3-5

    Pennsylvania: Benefits of Early Burndown Herbicide Applications   3-5

    Iowa Corn: Preplant Control of Volunteer Corn   3-5

    Pest Management: Turn Compensation – A Benefit of PWM Sprayer Technology   3-5

    Georgia Corn: Early Weed Control A Must in Reducing Yield Loss   3-4

    Alabama: Dicamba – Which Glyphosate Products Can Be Used New Formulations?   3-2

    Dicamba Rules Update – What’s the Deal in 2021? – DTN   3-2


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-5

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-5

    Rice: Exports to Colombia Exceeded 2020 Expectations, See Rocky Start in 2021   3-5

    Rice Market Update: Rough Rice Export Sales Providing Support   3-5

    Corn: Was the Final 2020 USDA Yield Estimate an Outlier?   3-4

    Ag Trade: Ocean Freight Rates Follow Rising Bulk Commodity Demand   3-4

    Livestock: Bill Tackles Cattle Price Transparency – DTN   3-4

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-2

    Ag Trade: Time to Level the Playing Field with China – DTN   3-2

    Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 6%, 4Bln Pounds in Storage   3-1



    Fuel Report: Price Climb Continues, Propane Stocks Lower   3-3


    Mississippi: Farm Programs and Risk Management – Podcast   3-4

    Mississippi: Managing Soils for Carbon Sequestration   3-1

    Mississippi: Optimizing Stands, Managing Soil, Water – Videos   3-1

    Corn | Soybeans

    North Carolina Soybeans: Preparing for Plant – Planting Date   3-5

    Louisiana Soybeans: Economics of Replanting   3-4

    Northwest Iowa Soybeans: Row Spacing Trial Results   3-4

    Louisiana Corn: Should You Apply Pre-Tassel Nitrogen?   3-4

    Louisiana Soybeans: What to Know About Nitrogen Fixation   3-4

    Texas Corn, Sorghum: Freeze Injury, Low Temperature Stress, and Chill Injury   3-3

    Louisiana Soybeans: The Importance of Seed Inoculation   3-4


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