Horizon Rice: CLL17 – High Yields and Blast Resistance

    Rice variety trial. Photo: University of Arkansas

    High yield potential and industry-leading blast resistance are an essential combination for Coastal rice farmers today who need both characteristics in their rice seed to maximize profitability. Farmers get both with new CLL17 from Horizon Ag, a Louisiana-bred Clearfield variety being released for the 2021 season.

    CLL17 has consistently out-yielded CL153, the top-planted Louisiana variety in recent years, in multi-year trials in the state. It has solid ratoon crop potential in addition to featuring outstanding resistance to blast. CLL17 also has proven to provide excellent milling yield and very good grain quality.

    “It’s exciting to work with our university and technology partners to bring forward advanced varieties like CLL17 that set the stage for farmers to make higher yields and achieve a better return on investment,” said Dr. Tim Walker, Horizon Ag general manager.

    “CLL17 represents the next generation of Clearfield varieties in Louisiana, providing farmers the complete package of strong yield potential, excellent milling yield, very good grain quality and resistance to blast. It’s a great fit for farmers who have been planting CL153 who want to raise the bar for performance potential in their fields.”

    In three years of university testing, CLL17 averaged 6% higher yields than CL153. And in 59 trials throughout the Mid-South Rice Belt beginning in 2015, the variety averaged 7,841 pounds per acre for the main crop, compared to 7,155 pounds for CL111, 7,330 pounds for CL153 and 6,653 pounds for Cheniere, according to LSU AgCenter data.

    In 2019, the average yield advantage was 7% over CL153 across 20 tests in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. In seed production fields in South Louisiana and Texas, CLL17 averaged 50-plus barrels per acre. And in Horizon Ag’s foundation field at the rice station, it yielded 59 barrels per acre, which was higher than any other variety ever increased.

    Milling yields for CLL17 averaged roughly 60/70 across 41 trials, compared to 63/71 for CL111, 62/71 for CL153 and 63/72 for Cheniere.

    “CLL17 will fit best in fields where Clearfield is still a viable option,” said Dr. Walker. “It provides yields equal to or greater than the highest-yielding Clearfield varieties without farmers having to worry about blast. In fact, because of its excellent blast package, the variety should also fit in highly managed row rice systems that are becoming more and more popular in areas like North Louisiana.”

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    In addition, with CLL17 joining Provisia variety PVL02 from Horizon Ag, Coastal rice farmers now have a strong one-two punch to maximize crop performance and profitability in their fields. “We expect demand for both CLL17 and PVL02 to be very strong this planting season because of their outstanding performance,” said Dr. Walker.

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    Plant height for CLL17 is 39 inches. Maturity is 81 days to 50% heading. The suggested seeding rate is 45 to 60 pounds per acre, and the recommended nitrogen rate ranges from 90 to 130 pounds. It is resistant to blast and Cercospora, moderately resistant to bacterial panicle blight and susceptible to sheath blight and lodging.

    CLL17 characteristics summary:

    • An early-season, semi-dwarf long grain
    • Strong yielder, consistently out-yielding CL153
    • Requires lower nitrogen
    • Excellent milling yield
    • Very good grain quality
    • Resistant to blast and Cercospora

    For more information, contact your Horizon Ag District Field Representative, talk to your seed retailer or go to HorizonSeed.com.

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