Georgia Pecan Prices: Exports Slow with Reduced Asian Demand

Photo: Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas

Weather for the week has freeze warnings for tonight and evening and morning lows of 28 degrees warming up to the high 30s and low 40s for the week with daytime highs into the 40s and 50s. Rain is expected for Friday, December 4. The North areas of the state will be slightly cooler. Monday, November 30, had snow flurries in the Central and Northern areas in the late evening.

Growers are busy finishing up going over the orchards for a second or third time if needed and having samples taken and graded for sale. Those that can afford or have storage available to them are putting their export quality pecans away in anticipation of getting a better deal on price after the New Year. Export and retail gift quality pecans are still being pursued by buyers for holiday sales, but the Asian markets have not been wide open as in past years. Growers are hoping for a change in that area soon. Some domestic buyers are still purchasing pecans from other sources.

Export business is slow and there are buyers looking to send some out overseas, so growers are waiting to see if it will come to fruition before the year is out.

Blends with Desirables (nut count 45-50) meat yield 48-52% sold in a range of about $2.30-2.60 mostly $2.40-2.60 per point. Stuart Blends (nut count 50-58) meat yield 45-48% sold in a range of about $2.30-2.60 mostly $2.40-2.60 per point, Schley Blends with (nut count 50-58) meat yield 50-54% sold in a range of about $2.30-2.60 mostly $2.40-2.60 per point.

Prices paid to growers (late afternoon Tuesday, November 24, 2020 through late afternoon Tuesday, December 1, 2020) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless otherwise stated.

  • Cape Fear (deliveries light) meat yield 49-52% 113-136
  • Curtiss (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
  • Desirables (deliveries light) meat yield 48-52% 113-136, yard tree lots 80-100
  • Elliott (deliveries very light) yard tree lots 90-100
  • Farley (deliveries very light) yard tree lots 70-80
  • Moneymakers (deliveries very light) yard tree lots 40
  • Native/Seedlings (deliveries light) yard tree lots 40-50 occasional lower
  • Schley (deliveries light) yard tree lots 70-85
  • Stuarts (deliveries light) meat yield 46-52% 104-125, yard tree lots 50-75 mostly 70-75 few high as 90
  • Sumner (deliveries light) meat yield 51-53% 118-138, yard tree lots 70-80

Lots over 20,000 pounds including truckloads

  • Cape Fear (deliveries light) (nut count 50-55) meat yield 49-52% 120-133
  • Desirables (deliveries light) (nut count 45-50) meat yield 50-52% 123-136
  • Stuarts (deliveries light) meat yield 46-52% 111-130

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