Georgia Pecan Prices: Lower Than Expected, Wanted

Growers are busy trying to stay ahead of the weather and getting pecans off the trees and into storage until they can clean and prepare them for sale. With prices being lower than expected or wanted, many growers that have facilities are putting their pecans in warehouses and may put them up in cold storage until the price settles and they can come to an agreement of getting the pecans moved and sold.

Some buyers are not putting price quotes on offerings and some no sales have occurred creating a wait and see approach to the season so far. The season got off to an early start and growers are not ready to push the panic buttons just yet, hoping to see the export market open things up a bit.

Retail and gift pack buyers are slowly finding their way onto the marketplace to purchase pecans. Shellers and domestic buyers are out grading samples offered but purchases are slow at this time.

Moneymakers, Stuarts, Schley, Elliott and Desirables are hitting the markets this week.

Prices paid to growers (late afternoon Tuesday, October 20, 2020 through late afternoon Tuesday, October 27, 2020) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless otherwise stated.

  • Byrd (offering very light) (nut count 49-60) meat yield 61-62% 142-170
  • Cunard (offerings very light) (nut count 49-64) meat yield 62-63% 147-170
  • Caddo (offerings insufficient to establish market)
  • Creek (offerings very light) meat yield 53% 135
  • Desirables (deliveries light) (nut count 55-60) meat yield 53-54% 135-140
  • Elliott (offerings very light) (nut count 66-70) meat yield 49-52% 120-145 yard tree lots 90-100
  • Native/Seedlings yard tree lots 40-50
  • Moneymakers yard tree lots 40-50
  • Schley (offerings light) yard tree lots 80-100
  • Stuarts yard tree lots 50-80 mostly 70-75 few high as 90

Lots over 20,000 pounds including truckloads

  • Cape Fear (nut count 48-53) meat yield 51-52% 123-130
  • Creek (deliveries light) (nut count 51-60) meat yield 51-53% 132-140 mostly 135-140
  • Desirables (deliveries light) (export quality nut count 44-49) meat yield 50-52% 165-175 (nut count 44-50) meat yield 46-50% 134-163 meat yield 46-48% 111-120
  • Elliott (deliveries very light) (nut count 67-74) meat yield 50-52% 120-151 mostly 125-145
  • Excel (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
  • Moneymakers (deliveries very light) (nut count 60-66) meat yield 43-46% 60-70
  • Oconee (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
  • Schley (deliveries very light) (nut count 60-70) meat yield 55-57% 132-143
  • Stuarts (deliveries light) (nut count 50-60) meat yield 46-50% 111-125 few high as 135

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