Corn And Soybean Yields: Barchart Ups Its U.S. Projections

Soybean harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson

Barchart this week forecasted an increase in national corn and soybean yields compared to its August 4 report.

The commodity data provider’s September cmdty Yield Forecast for end-of-season projects U.S. averages of 178.4 bu/acre for corn and 50.5 bu/acre for soybeans.

Barchart’s August 4 report projected 174.8 bu/acre for corn and 49.2 bu/acre for soybeans.

The monthly reports are released free to the public on the first Tuesday of each month during the growing season and are available to Barchart subscribers through daily updates.

The Yield Forecasts from Barchart’s cmdty service allow users to gain insights to guide decisions ahead of USDA’s WASDE report.

“We continue to provide strong and accurate yield forecasts for corn and soybeans, keeping our users ahead of the curve and allowing them to build robust pricing models,” says Barchart’s Head of Strategy Keith Petersen. “In addition to our reliable yield forecasts, users will soon be able to receive access to production forecasts, giving them insight to even more data and equipping them with the information they need to make more efficient and smart decisions.”

cmdty Yield Forecast Indexes provide users with daily insights on over 3,000 individual growing areas in the United States. Subscribers to cmdtyView Pro have access to these changing expectations and will be well positioned to anticipate possible changes in localized basis conditions, the company noted in its announcement.

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