Arkansas Rice: Fungicide Rates, Compositions for Major Diseases

    Severe leaf blast symptoms in rice. Photo: Louisiana State University

    Tough season! Some rice planting pulled towards the late-end again in 2020. Generally, late planted rice entertain more diseases than early planted rice. The earlier planted rice sometimes may not be fortunate enough if the weather cooperates with plant pathogens.

    Currently, sheath blight is bouncing in fields including row rice. There are a few reports of leaf blast. When it comes to the smuts, we cannot visually detect the symptoms ahead of time. By the time we see the symptoms, the damage is already done.  Several factors play part in disease prevalence and severity level. Our field management plays the greatest role.

    Among those seeding heavily and applying nitrogen fertilization excessively make bad disease situation. As a result, use of fungicides to reduce disease pressure becomes inevitable in our rice production adding more money in production cost.

    Remember: Well managed fields benefit better from fungicide application. Fields benefit from fungicides applied at recommended timing and rate using adequate volume of water–for areal application 5-7 gal/acre and for ground application up to 10 gal/acre. If less than 5 GPA, better to keep that money! Our research has shown with 3GPA of water, sheath blight was as bad as the unsprayed check.

    Below is the compositions of active ingredients in commonly used fungicides in Arkansas rice.

    *Elegia is in the same FRAC Code with Sercadis and helps prevent the spread of resistant sheath blight. Resistant sheath blight has not been reported in Arkansas. However, rotating fungicides with different mode of action are known to delay resistance. Click Image to Enlarge

    *If Stratego is to be used to suppress smuts, the 19 fl oz/acre rate has close to the recommended amount of Tilt recommended for smuts. Click Image to Enlarge

    Rates of active ingredients in Amistar Top. Click Image to Enlarge

    Rates of active ingredients in Quilt Xcel. Click Image to Enlarge

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