AgFax Grain: This Week’s Issues, Recommendations In Midwest Soy, Corn

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    Here is this week’s edition of AgFax Grain.

    Editor: Owen Taylor

    Understand when and where to scout for true armyworms, then make logical decisions about treatments, including whether to spray edges or whole fields.
    So far, the insect or its larvae have been confirmed in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Infestations and signs of damage vary.
    While scouting one field, Extension personnel found 8 to 10 larvae per square foot, 4X to 5X the threshold is 2 larvae. A significant number were around 1 inch long, which indicates they still could be eating for a few more days.
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    Detecting this insect is only the first step. The real challenge is determining whether to treat and when.
    Plant pathologists in multiple Midwestern states are learning more every season about predicting the movement of white mold spores and the likelihood of outbreaks. It’s information worth knowing.
    Researchers looked at five years of farm business records and pinpointed the main points that contribute to profitability, plus secondary things that play into earnings.
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    Much of Indiana has slipped into an “abnormally dry” rating. What does this mean for young corn, especially as it enters the rapid growth period? Good question. The answer is, as you might expect… “It depends.”
    Iowa State University Extension Field Agronomists saw and heard about a passle of issues in soybeans and corn this past week. With the way this growing season unfolded, some problems aren’t surprising.
    Spring rains and flooding in 2019 delayed planting through much of the state and prevented many fields from being planted at all. Plus, standing water, cool weather, hail and green snap took a toll on averages. Harvest was also delayed, too. Yet, very respectable yields came out of numerous fields.

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