Texas LRGV Cotton: 1st Bale of the Season Harvested

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    General Situation

    Muddy this week in the Valley in some areas as we were dodging rain to scout. Grain sorghum harvest has been stalled in some areas due to random down pours this week.

    Mainly we had scattered showers totaling only tenths of an inch around the Valley but in Lyford yesterday on Thursday they received 2 inches of rain. Then today in Hargill it started pouring on us suddenly while scouting sesame. So, it has been an interesting week scouting and doing field counts. It has been a fun one though as this week we have been having our student workers really go to work in the fields and learning new pests.

    Thanks to you all and your support to our IPM program for the LRGV we are able to teach these young interns about agriculture. Thank you very much!


    First bale of cotton in the country, nation, and world was harvested yesterday, June 18, 2020, by England Farms, owned and operated by Mike and Elizabeth England of Mercedes, Texas. They took the first two bales of the 2020 season to Ross Gin Co. Congrats to this hard-working family and all involved! Harvest season 2020 has officially begun.

    Seeing the same culprits/pests this week in cotton. We were still picking up on Verde plantbugs in the Harlingen, Rio Honda, and Bayview areas.

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    Numbers have decreased as growers have been spraying controlling populations but be checking for Verde bugs these next two weeks especially since we still have a lot of late planted cotton and grain sorghum harvest is still not done yet so we will be having more Verdes migrate out once it is.

    Still seeing whitefly pressure, this week in the Delta lakes area between Monte Alto and Hargil and into the Lyford area. Of course, whitefly pressure along the river has been constant as growers in the Mission area have been spraying for heavy whitefly pressure in some areas.

    We did receive some reports of tobacco thrips in cotton in the Los Indios area that had to be sprayed due to high infestations. Fleahopper numbers were down this week as well.


    This week again we saw some light sesame leaf roller activity in young and blooming sesame. What I have noticed is if your field is inundated with pigweed, you will have sesame leaf roller present.

    Apparently pigweed is another host plant for sesame leaf roller besides the sesame plant. They like to eat both pigweed and sesame. So please control your pigweeds in sesame if you want to have your fields clean from sesame leaf roller.

    We did pick up on a few more mirid plant bugs in sesame in northern Hidalgo so will have to be keeping an eye on them that they stay low in populations because in young sesame if their populations get bad they can stunt sesame plant growth.

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