Arkansas Rice: Herbicide Injury to Clearfield Hybrids

RT Gemini 214 CL injures following application of 4 oz Newpath. Photo: University of Arkansas

For the past 10 days the largest number of my calls have concerned RT Gemini 214 CL. The overcast conditions plus rainfall and moderate temperatures have made Newpath and Beyond applications sit very hard on it.

In some cases it was thought that herbicides being combined with Newpath/Beyond were exaggerating the effect. However, fields that have only been treated with Newpath and still have appreciable injury show that’s not the case in every instance.

This is not new. We have seen this before with previous Clearfield hybrids when conditions align for injury. What seems new is some plant death occurring – that is not normal or an expected occurrence. In all injury situations we advise you to contact your local RiceTec rep to visit the field. UofA weed scientists and I will be happy to come look at it as well if needed.

If you see injury and have already fertilized and flooded, drop back to a muddy, soupy state to aid in rice recovery. If you still haven’t flooded, it may be best to flush across the field.

Ammonium sulfate (AMS) may speed up plant growth but isn’t required and previous research did not show a significant yield improvement when AMS or other starter fertilizers were used after herbicide injury.

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A deep flood or a very dry field are both plant stresses in this situation and should be avoided. The answer is in the middle with a shallow muddy state. This injury should start recovering rapidly under this week’s hot, sunny conditions.

As a note, FullPage hybrids have improved tolerance and there have been no reports of injury to any of them from Preface or Postscript. Likewise Clearfield varieties have no reported issues to Newpath/Beyond.

Let us know if we can help.

RT Gemini 214 CL injured following application of Clearpath and RebelEX, fertilizing, and flooding.

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