DTN Livestock Midday: Markets Moving Higher

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Monday is successfully rolling into the noon hour fully higher in all three livestock contracts.

General Comments

As Monday hits the noon hour all three livestock markets trade higher. Monday seems to come a little easier when the news shares positive headlines but as everyone watches the board, the big question is whether or not the support will solidify or if everything will be weaker come Tuesday?

May corn is down 2 cents per bushel and May soybean meal is down $4.90. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 1,198.70 points and NASDAQ is up 406.81 points.


Higher prices Monday morning is seeming to break up the monotony of lower-here, lower-there attitudes. But as we look and carefully watch the price movements, the biggest question is if the support building is substantial, or if it will disappear and make room for a lower market come Tuesday?

Knowing that cash cattle prices are assumed to be lower this week with packers struggling to have shift-workers show up, it makes processing cattle difficult with minimal help, and could lead to a weaker board later in the week. April live cattle are down $3.00 at $85.00, June live cattle are up $1.70 at $82.62 and August live cattle are up $1.92 at $86.32.

Cash cattle trade is quiet Monday morning with asking prices and bids not yet established. New showlists appear to be mixed, higher in Texas, about steady in Nebraska/Colorado, and lower in Kansas.

Boxed beef cutouts are lower: choice down $0.70 ($229.74) and select down $3.05 ($212.79) with a movement of 103 loads (66.13 loads of choice, 21.32 loads of select, 10.05 loads of trim and 5.09 loads of ground beef).


Feeder cattle contracts push higher and higher heading into the noon hour as the entire complex trades $1.82 to $2.50 higher. April feeders are up $1.82 at $110.07, May feeders are up $2.07 at $110.17 and August feeders are up $2.25 at $116.67.

The feeder cattle market especially needs to see the board strengthen as feeders’ hands are tied, unable to buy calves if they can’t find a safe spot to hedge their new purchases at. With the run of early summer sales right around the corner, cow-calf producers and feeders are eyeing the board praying that the positively sticks.


Lean hog contracts started the day out leery but have since shifted gears and are trading $2.00 to $4.50 higher. Nearby contracts are seeing the most resistance while deferred contracts are the strongest. April lean hogs are up $2.12 at $42.47, June lean hogs are up $2.30 at $50.67 and July lean hogs are up $3.05 at $55.72.

The projected lean hog index for 4/3/2020 is down $3.00 at $57.65 and the actual index for 4/2/2020 is up $2.43 at $60.65. Hog prices are higher on the National Direct Morning Hog Report, up $0.31 with a weighted average of $43.15, ranging from $42.00 to $43.50 on 2,567 head and five-day rolling average of $47.52.

Pork cutouts totaled 248.08 loads with 231.71 loads of pork cuts and 16.37 loads of trim. Pork cutout values: up $2.01, $59.38.

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