Coronavirus: A “Just In Case” List Farmers Should Consider

    Photo: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Prepare in the Event of Illness

    There is a chance that you, a neighbor, or one of your employees will contract COVID-19.

    Should this happen, you or your neighbor may need help with their farming operation. The person that is affected could be you.

    Most growers are the lone operators who know how the whole thing works, the critical cog in making the machine go. How do things keep rolling if that person isn’t there?

    Take an hour of your time to sit and write up a list of things that need to be done to manage your operation. Include:

    • Which seed dealers have your seed?
    • Where do you purchase your fertilizer and chemical? What crops and varieties are to be planted in which fields?
    • What are important details about irrigation systems and how to make them work the way they need to?
    • Give this list to your significant other and your best friend.

    Hope that they don’t need it. Just be proactive.

    Here’s more information on COVID-19 from the University of Arkansas.

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