Combine Sales Slip In January Compared To Year-Ago Totals

    December 2020 saw mixed results in overall U.S. sales of tractors and self-propelled combines. Total farm tractor sales grew compared to January of last year while combines fell by a quarter, according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

    U.S. total farm tractor sales Increased 4.7 percent in January compared to last year while U.S. January self-propelled combine sales fell 24.4 percent.

    Total U.S. sales of 2-wheel-drive tractors grew in all segments in January a total of 4.9 percent compared to January 2019: under 40 HP 2-wheel-drive tractors were up 2.6 percent, and sales of 40-100 HP tractors went up 4.6 percent, while sales of 100-plus HP tractors led the way with 19.6 percent growth to 1,361 units.  Total November U.S. 4-wheel drive tractor sales fell 6.6 percent to 169 units sold.

    For Canada, November 4-wheel-drive tractor sales fell 84.1 percent (from 69 to 11 units sold year-over-year) and self-propelled combine sales notched down 22 percent. November 2-wheel-drive tractor Canadian sales were down over all 2.8 percent, with the sub-40 HP segment growing 11.9 percent while the 40-100 HP segment fell 18.2 percent, and the 100+ HP segment fell 28.6 percent.

    “The sales numbers we are seeing for January 2020 are in line with our expectations,” said Curt Blades, senior vice president of Ag Services at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. “With the approval of the USMCA and the announcement of the Phase One trade agreement between the U.S. and China, we believe we are seeing some positive trends on the horizon for ag equipment sales.”

    The full reports can be found in the Market Data section of the AEM website under Ag Tractor and Combine Reports.



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