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Influencer marketing campaigns, notably one of the most effective ways to connect consumers to farmers, take time. These bridges also require strategy, said Kent Lewis, digital marketing strategy expert and head of Anvil Media. He believes in the years to come, influencer marketing will play a key role in the dynamic between the two groups. Trends he sees ahead revolve around these ideas.

GLASS HOUSES. Research shows authenticity is important to 84% of consumers, and they use this “authenticity ruler” to decide which influencers they follow. Millennials are skeptics when it comes to the motives of businesses. Takeaway: Be transparent; be real.

THE BIG PICTURE. Instead of focusing only on the immediate customer, whether it’s a business-to-business (B2B) relationship or a business-to-consumer relationship, the future will bring about a less segmented arena. Long-term thinking about how to benefit more than the one segment a business is directly related to will help align influencers’ goals. Takeaway: You aren’t just speaking for your farm but for your industry.

THINK SMALL. The trend to be small is going to get big. Larger brands are moving from macro to micro influencers, in some cases even nano or niche influencers. The sweet spot will be more relationships with influencers that have 250 to 10,000 followers. Takeaway: There is no such thing as being too small to affect a market.

FLIP THE SCRIPT. Influencers are sharing more images and videos geared toward being empathetic to followers rather than being aspirational to them. This marks a shift and requires both trust and flexibility to hit the right note. Takeaway: Preach less; listen more; respond with kindness.

INTEGRATION METRICS. Search engine marketing will grow in importance and value. Link to other brands and content, and find ways to enhance credibility using search engines such as Google. Those who maintain blogs or write articles can have a far reach through a good search engine optimization plan. Takeaway: Learn how keywords bring more people to your website.

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B2B GROWTH. This could be an untapped area of opportunity. About 30% of influencer marketing currently originates from the B2B sector, and those influencers are usually professionals in the industry. Most brands are looking for ways to grow or maintain leadership by leveraging expert content and brands. Takeaway: Stop talking so much to one another; get out on the big stage.


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