Deere & Co. Ag and Turf Sales Downturn Forecast for 2020

John Deere’s worldwide sales of agriculture and turf equipment are forecast to decline 5 to 10 percent for fiscal-year 2020, including a negative currency-translation effect of 1 percent, according to a company press release issued November 27. 

Industry sales of agricultural equipment in the U.S. and Canada are forecast to be down about 5 percent, driven by lower demand for large equipment. Full-year industry sales in the EU28 member nations are forecast to be approximately flat as are South American industry sales of tractors and combines. Asian sales are forecast to be about the same as the prior year. Industry sales of turf and utility equipment in the U.S. and Canada are expected to be about flat.

“John Deere’s performance reflected continued uncertainties in the agricultural sector,” said John C. May, chief executive officer. “Lingering trade tensions coupled with a year of difficult growing and harvesting conditions have caused many farmers to become cautious about making major investments in new equipment. Additionally, financial services results have come under pressure due to operating-lease losses. At the same time, general economic conditions have remained favorable. This has supported demand for smaller equipment and led to solid results for Deere’s construction and forestry business, which had a record year for sales and operating profit.”

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Deere & Company reported net income of $722 million for the fourth quarter ended November 3, 2019, or $2.27 per share, compared with net income of $785 million, or $2.42 per share, for the quarter ended October 28, 2018. For fiscal 2019, net income attributable to Deere & Company was $3.253 billion, or $10.15 per share, compared with $2.368 billion, or $7.24 per share, in 2018.

Net income attributable to Deere & Company for fiscal 2020 is forecast to be in a range of $2.7 billion to $3.1 billion.

Agriculture & Turf Fourth Quarter Full Year

Agriculture & Turf sales increased for the quarter and full year of 2019 due to price realization and higher shipment volumes, partially offset by the unfavorable effects of currency translation. Operating profit decreased for the quarter and year.

The quarter’s decline was primarily due to higher production costs, higher selling, administrative, and general expenses, the unfavorable effects of currency exchange and increased research and development expenses.

For the year, operating profit decreased largely due to higher production costs, the unfavorable effects of currency exchange, increased research and development costs, higher selling, administrative, and general expenses, and a less-favorable sales mix, partially offset by higher shipment volumes. Both periods were positively affected by price realization.

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“Despite present challenges, the longer-term outlook for our businesses remains healthy and points to a promising future for Deere,” May said. “We are particularly encouraged by the adoption of precision technologies and believe we are well-positioned to be a leader in the delivery of smarter, more efficient and sustainable solutions to our customers. At the same time, we are committed to the successful execution of our strategic plan and have initiated a series of measures to create a leaner organizational structure that can operate with more speed and agility. We’re confident these steps will lead to improved efficiencies and help the company focus its resources and investments on areas that have the greatest impact on performance.”

Additional financial information is available in the PDF version of this release.

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