Georgia Field Reports: Rains Limit Cotton, Pecan Harvests

    Moving cotton modules during harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 10, 2019.

    County Comments

    Cole Moon, Bleckley County
    Harvesting continued to roll along, but rainy weather limited the number of days that farmers were able to get in the field. There is more rain in the forecast, but we are hoping to get closer to finishing this year’s crop. There were reports of excellent yields on the later planted irrigated cotton crop.

    Seth McAllister, Terrell County
    Cool temperatures arrived, which shut down harvesting progress on the few remaining cotton and peanut fields we had. The last of the cotton has been defoliated and a very small remnant of peanuts remained in the ground. Large amounts of acreage were turned this week to prep for next year’s peanuts. Cotton fields were disked up to kill what few weeds emerged since harvest. Cotton yields were generally average to good, and many peanut yields were below average. Many peanut fields suffered from rootworm and lesser cornstalk borer damage.

    Ross Greene, Evans County
    We received more rain which slowed the cotton and pecan harvesting. Cattle pastures were still in really bad shape and everyone was feeding hay. Some rye and oat fields were beginning to green up and we are hoping to get some grazing out of that by the end of the year. Soil moisture was still needed for the onion crop, which producers should begin transplanting soon.

    General Comments

    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Georgia, there were 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, November 10, 2019. Precipitation estimates for the state ranged from trace amounts of rain to 3.40 inches. Average high temperatures ranged from the mid 50s to the mid 70s. Average low temperatures ranged from the low 30s to the mid 60s.

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