North Carolina Field Reports: Good Peanut Yields, Soybeans Suffering

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending October 6, 2019.

County Extension Comments

Wayne Rowland – Vance/Warren County Extension
Record heat and no rain this week. No grain was planted due to lack of moisture. All crops are suffering.

Michael Yoder –Wake County Extension
Drying rapidly. Isolated fields of cotton dropping leaves without boll formation. Soybeans have turned and started to drop leaves in southern part of county. Small grain planting being delayed due to lack of moisture. Pasture regrowth is below normal.

Don Nicholson – Agronomist Region 7
Dry conditions have hampered the development of late transplanted sweet potatoes and no small grains have been planted. Tobacco harvest is almost done, peanut harvest is progressing with most growers harvesting a very good crop and cotton harvest is just getting going.

Al Wood – Pasquotank County Extension
Several weeks without rain is resulting in very short soil moisture. Although harvesting of cotton, peanuts, corn, and soybeans is benefitting from dry conditions, fall planted crops such as cover crops and the upcoming wheat crop need/will need some rain. The cabbage crop is looking very good.

Stephen Bishop – Cleveland SWCD
Soybean harvest has started. Once promising yields have been reduced by no rain. Most cattle producers are already feeding hay. Any type of planting, whether grass or grain, is being postponed because the ground is too hard.

Cathy Herring – Central Crops Research Station
Very hot and dry. Cotton top crop bolls not developing and maturing normally. Soybeans are dropping leaves more quickly than they should due to temperature and lack of moisture. Some are delaying sweet potato harvest hoping the potatoes will develop better size.

AgFax Weed Solutions

Tim Britton – Johnston County Extension
Very dry conditions exist across the county. Very little measurable rain since September 5/6. This has delayed any winter grain planting. Harvest has proceeded without much interruption.

Mark Seitz – Pender County Extension
No rain since Hurricane Dorian three weeks ago. Soils have gotten very dry. Field corn harvest is finished with growers reporting average yields below 100 bushels. Soybean harvest has started with good yields. Growers are having problems with green stem in Group IV beans. Pastures are drying up and hay supplies may be short going into the winter.

Mac Malloy – Robeson County Extension
Defoliation of soybean and sweet potato by army worms reported around the county. Small pockets of the county received rainfall early Saturday morning but majority of county remains dry. Concerns growing on impact dry conditions will have on late maturing crops.

Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
Dry weather continued this week. Soybean harvest continues, but at a slower pace as growers wait for crop maturity.

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