North Carolina Field Reports: Corn Harvest Continues, Quality Declines

Corn harvest. Photo: University of Arkansas

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 15, 2019.

County Extension Comments

Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension
Another unseasonably warm week with well above normal high temps in the upper 80’s. Some scattered rain showers/thunderstorms brought some relief to parts of the county; however, precipitation levels were highly variable. Some southern areas of the county received nearly 2″ of rain while most of the northern portions received only a trace. Most all second cutting hay has been harvested and corn silage harvest nears completion.

Robert Hawk – Jackson & Swain County Extensions
Some parts of the county had about 2″ of rainfall in heavy thunderstorms (southern Jackson county) others no rainfall with very dry conditions. Temperatures have been above normal with hot days and mild nights.

Gary Cross – Person County Extension
Very dry corn harvest starting 40% done with harvest. Pastures very dry. Tobacco losing weight last ten days. Soybeans aborted flowers pods not filling.

Paige Burns – Richmond County Extension
Scattered rain showers last week while some areas have not received rainfall in 10 days.

Charles Mitchell – Franklin, Halifax & Nash County Extension
Tobacco harvest is in full gear. Other field crops could use a little rain now. We were hot and dry all of last week following the inch or two of rain from Dorian. The second cutting of hay has started and soybeans are trying to fill pods as quick as possible.

Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
Drying weather allowed growers to get back into fields to harvest corn. Soybeans are dropping leaves, and growers are ready to switch over from corn.

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Tim Britton – Johnston County Extension
Dorian’s winds rattled tobacco in the field many growers have decided to abandon fields.

Mike Carroll – Craven County Extension
Harvest of tobacco and corn continues. Quality of both degrading quickly. Growers attempting to defoliate cotton. Expect losses in lint from equipment travel due to lodged plants and open bolls. Early results of defoliant materials applied appear to be fair. Less than optimum defoliation likely due to inability to apply product to all leaves and poor uptake of defoliant materials due to damaged root systems that limit plant growth.

Mark Seitz – Pender County Extension
Hurricane Dorian spared the county – thankfully. Highest wind gusts inland were 47 mph instead of the 100+ in the forecast. Some corn and some soybeans lodged but overall very little damage occurred. Some of the blueberry fields in the county had wind damage on new plantings where root depth was shallow. 8″ to 10″ of rain fell across the county which completely recharged the subsoil on the western side of the county. Corn yields are quite variable with reports of 6 bushels per acre to as high as 235 bushels per acre.

Mac Mallow – Robeson County Extension
Corn harvest continues with overall yield below average. Early soybean harvest has begun. Cotton defoliation beginning in the area as well.

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