Tennessee Field Reports: Dry Weather Causes Concern

Wilting cotton from drought, heat stress.

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 8, 2019.

County Agent Comments

Kenny Herndon, Carroll County
Farmers have been busy over the last week with corn harvest. Seeing a lot of 200 bushel corn. Bolls are opening on cotton. Some early soybeans have started dropping leaves. Insect pressure seems light. Some beef producers harvested another cutting of hay. The quality appears to continue to be pretty good.

Jeff Via, Fayette County
The farmers in Fayette County have started corn harvest. We are dry and could use a rain. Some hayfields are being harvested.

Brian White, Henderson County
Getting really dry fast.

Jeff Lannom, Weakley County
Corn harvest is gaining momentum as grain moisture continues to drop. Good to excellent yields being reported. Early maturing soybeans are dropping leaves with a small acreage harvested. Forage harvesting continues with excellent drying conditions. Lime applications and seeding cover crops has started.

Laurie Mobley, Houston County
We need rain badly. Ponds and natural water supplies are low and grass is dying. If this “drought” continues farmers will have to begin to feed hay soon.

Calvin C. Bryant III, Lawrence County
Another hot and dry week had corn harvest in full swing with reports of excellent yields. Pastures and late soybeans are in need of some rain.

Mitchell Mote, Rutherford County
Soybean harvest started this week and corn harvest is getting underway as well. It’s dry over most of the county; it’s getting easy to identify where the rocks are in pastures with thin soils. Some very late corn is exhibiting extensive twisting.

Jason Evitts, Trousdale County
Tobacco harvest is in full swing this week. Final cutting of hay is finishing up across the county this week. Corn harvest continues and yields look good at this point.

Kevin Rose, Giles County
Conditions have dried considerably over the past 10 days with no rainfall. Pastures are looking very dry now. Corn harvest is wide open.

A. Ruth Correll, Wilson County
Dry conditions have persisted this week with several producers expressing need of rain. Pastures are showing the effects of dry weather. The dry weather is of concern to soybean producers. Good weather for fall hay harvest.

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John Goddard, Loudon County
Corn silage being chopped this week. Corn grain being harvested this week (200 bu. ac). Need rain!

Chris Ramsey, Sullivan County
Very dry conditions currently.

John Wilson, Blount County
Another dry week. Pastures are diminishing with no rain and daily high temperatures remaining in the 90’s. Hay harvest continues but yields are lacking due to dry conditions.

Anthony Carver, Grainger County
Hemp fields are showing diseases, but yield does not seem to be affected at this time. Tomato yields are normal for this time of year.

James Blake Ramsey, Hawkins County
It has been dry the past three weeks. Pasture is starting to turn brown in some areas. Tobacco is being cut and most corn is about two to four weeks from being ready to harvest.

General Comments

Corn harvest was in full swing with producers generally reporting good yields. However, soybean growers, particularly those with late-planted beans, were concerned about the effects of the recent hot, dry weather. Baling of hay continued to be a major activity due to near perfect harvesting conditions.

Hemp growers noted some disease pressure, but this did not appear to be affecting yields. Pasture conditions deteriorated rapidly as soil moisture decreased, causing worries among livestock producers.

There were 6.9 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture was rated 11 percent very short, 41 percent short, 47 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was rated 9 percent very short, 36 percent short, and 55 percent adequate.

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