Virginia Peanuts: Harvest Looks 2-3 Weeks Out

    Photo: Andrew Sawyer, University of Georgia

    On Aug 26, a pod blasting clinic was organized at the Indika Farms in Windsor, VA. A total of 24 samples (fields) representing 1056 acres were evaluated. Samples were from Isle of Wight, Suffolk, and a few from Southampton counties.

    Optimum digging for these samples was estimated to take place in 15 to 30 days from Aug 26, with the majority of the samples showing to be ready in 20 days. Dates for future pod blasting clinics are Sep 9 at Indika Farms (contact Livvy Preisser for details), Sep 4, 10 and 18 in Southampton (contact Joshua Holland for details), and Sep 19 in Greensville (contact Sara Rutherford for details).

    A few pictures from Aug 26 pod blasting clinic are shown below.

    Bailey planted on May 8 in a sandy soil in Southampton Co., VA.

    Bailey planted mid-May in IOW, VA.

    Sullivan planted on May 8.

    Emery planted on May 9.

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