Georgia Cotton: Plenty Of Decisions Ahead In Worth County

Spraying cotton midseason. Photo: Alabama Cooperative Extension

We have intensively scouted numerous cotton fields over the past few weeks. Obviously, we are finding a wide range of planting dates and age groups within the same field due to this season’s amount of replanting and uneven emergence.

With these different stages of cotton within the same field, management can be tough, especially for growth regulators (Pix).

Base Pix decisions on internode length measurements, plus take into consideration whether the field has irrigation, the variety in the field, how soon Pix applications started, etc. Managing Pix can be tough with two different stages of growth in the same field.

Growers are being forced to make separate trips.  They must apply Pix in an area that needs it first, then return later to treat replanted areas. If you have any questions on Pix decisions and timing, please call.

So far, no signs of diseases, such as target spot. Scout closely for it and make timely decisions. Again, call if you need information on product selection, disease identification or treatment timing.

For insects, we have not seen any bad plant bug pressure. Earlier in the season, some pressure developed. We checked older fields and found missing square positions, and higher plant bug counts were present in some cases. However, square loss did not always correlate with plant bug numbers.

With B2XF cotton varieties (two-gene), scout closely for corn earworm. Corn earworm escapes are present but nothing is at threshold yet.

Whiteflies are present in some cotton and we are monitoring closely. They definitely can be seen around produce fields. Immatures also are present in certain areas. We believe that whiteflies will be a factor this year. If you have them in cotton, avoid using Bidrin for stink bugs.

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