North Carolina Field Reports: Crops Stressed from Heat, Drought

Moisture stress in soybeans. Photo: Mike Staton, Michigan State University

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 7, 2019.

County Extension Comments

Julia Houck – Alleghany/Ashe County FSA
Rain stopped hay harvest and planting of fall vegetable crops.

Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension
Weather conditions for the week were on the warm side with slightly above average temperatures. Scattered rain showers and afternoon thunderstorms limited some field activities. Precipitation levels were highly variable across the county with most areas receiving between 1.75″ to 3″ of rain for the week.

Robert Hawk – Jackson/ Swain County Extension
Typical Summer conditions have existed over the last period with scattered afternoon and evening scattered thundershowers. Some got rain, while other locations stayed dry. Temperatures near normal with highs in 80s and lows in 60s.

Gary Cross – Person County Extension
Very hot and dry some relief this weekend. Corn twisting, soybeans stunted, tobacco being watered under stress conditions.

Cathy Herring – Central Crops Research Station
Dry weather continued to delay soybean planting. Some rain late in the week has improved the conditions some.

Stephen Bishop – Cleveland County Extension
For the most part, corn and soybeans seem to be doing pretty good, with enough rain showers and thunderstorms to keep some moisture in the ground.

Carrie Ortel – Pitt County Extension
Very dry. Drought stress on all non-irrigated crops.

Paul Westfall – Granville County Extension
Early planted soybeans are finally providing a canopy over the soil. Double cropped soybeans are emerging, but need rainfall. We have had a few scattered showers, but need a good general rainfall. Tobacco is looking good in some areas, and not so good in other places. Topping and sucker control is underway. Corn is showing heat stress again due to high temperatures and high humidity. Pastures are pretty dry, and crabgrass and other summer grasses growing well. Growing well.

AgFax Weed Solutions

Lance Grimes – Martin County Extension
Had 7 days suitable for working but most of the county got showers every afternoon starting Thursday afternoon.

Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
Some showers have helped to reduce drought stress, but corn pollination has been hindered. Soybean growth is also reduced due to drought stress. Rains have been spotty and rarely produce significant amounts needed by crops.

Tim Britton – Johnston County Extension
Portions of the area received some rain. Less than an inch.

Mike Carroll – Craven County Extension
Scattered rains provided some relief from drought and heat yet too late for most corn. Many field operations postponed waiting for rainfall to avoid application in excessive heat and too stressed crops.

Willie Howell – Agronomist Region 4
Extremely dry soil conditions and excessive heat severely impacted crops this week, especially corn and flue-cured tobacco.

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