North Carolina Field Reports: Early Week Rains Help Some, Hurt Others

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending June 16, 2019.

County Extension Comments

Dwayne Tate – Alleghany County Extension
5-7 inches fell in region at beginning of reporting week. Some flooding of corn and soybean fields occurred. Grain harvest has been delayed.

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Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension
Soil conditions were very wet early in the report period from the heavy rains last week into early this week; however, conditions improved to allow some field work by mid-week. Temps were a on the cool side for most of the week but rebounded to near normal by the end of the week. First cutting hay harvest is nearing completion, vegetable crops and field corn are looking good.

Robert Hawk – Jackson/ Swain County Extension
Weather was cool over the last period with some rainfall light rainfall. Temperatures ranged from 40-83 F degrees.

Julia Houck – Ashe County Extension
Excessive rain June 7-9 caused some flooding. All planting and hay harvest has come to a stop.

Donna Teasley – Swain County Extension
Torrential rains, 8+ inches flooded fields, pastures under water. Nursery fields flooded. Row crops damaged.

Gary Cross – Person County Extension
6 inches of rain relief from drought. Wheat harvest condition and test weight go down as rain continues. Rain helped corn and tobacco. Soybeans are spotty on emergence due to drought. Rain helped pastures.

Cathy Herring – Central Crops Research Station
Wet conditions delayed small grain harvest, soybean planting and setting sweet potato.

Janice Nicholson – Rutherford County Extension
We are finally drying out from the eight plus inches of rain this past weekend.

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Mike Carroll – Carteret/Craven County Extension
Carteret – Crop growth and field work resumed after frequent rainfall but scattered areas dealing with excessive rainfall.
Craven – Rainfall and cooler weather provided great crop response in growth. Planting, herbicide applications and fertilization of crops resumed.

Charles Mitchell – Franklin County Extension
The tobacco crop is looking better after much needed rain. We did have some areas that are applying more Nitrogen due to leaching rains. Pastures and hay land rebounded after much needed rain a cooler weather. Soybeans and looking better as well as corn due to rain. This has been a challenging season so far for vegetable producers. The vegetable crops have seen cold/wet weather, then hot dry weather, back to cold and wet.

Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
Needed rain continues to fall helping corn as it begins to tassel. Most soybean acres are planted with a few replant acres remaining.

Paige Burns – Richmond County Extension
Majority of county has received significant rainfall over last two weeks. This ended a 4 week period without precipitation.

Mark Seitz – Pender County Extension
Heat and drought took their toll on the county’s corn crop. Pender County farmers reported anywhere from 2″ to 5″ of rain. Rain revived most acres but yield potential was definitely lost during the heat. Soybean planting resumed this week with better soil moisture conditions. Early planted beans look very good. Rains also helped with hay and pasture conditions but the drought reduced first cutting hay volumes significantly.

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