Georgia Field Reports: Planting Speeds Towards Finish

Photo credit: IFAS Communications

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending May 19, 2019.

County Comments

Cole Moon, Bleckley County
While we are close to wrapping this planting season up, a little more cotton, peanuts, and beans will go in the ground in the next few weeks. Lack of moisture on dry land acres began to be a concern because of the extremely high temperatures and lack of rain. Parts of the county received rain this past Friday, but it was very scattered. Some of the storms knocked some trees and corn down. Wheat harvest has started. Hay balers were rolling and grazing was looking slim. We need some rain!

Seth McAllister, Terrell County
Conditions this week turned hot and dry. This was the first week all season that corn started to show some wilting from lack of moisture and heat. Most of our cotton and peanuts were up and we have very good looking stands. However, any dryland fields not already planted may be in trouble because no rain is in the forecast and we are due to hit hotter temperatures this week, which will wick away all the moisture we have in the germination zone of our soil profile. Wheat was drying down fast and what little acreage we have this year should be picked in the coming days. Also, corn started tasseling in our earliest corn.

Nathan Eason, White County
Recent dry conditions allowed hay producers to finish getting in their first cutting of hay. The majority of all silage and grain corn have been planted. Wine grape vines started flowering.

General Comments

AgFax Weed Solutions

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Georgia, there were 6.1 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, May 19, 2019. Precipitation estimates for the state ranged from no rain to 3.15 inches. Average high temperatures ranged from the low 70s to the high 80s. Average low temperatures ranged from the mid 40s to the low 60s.

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