Louisiana Rice: Short Dry Period; Prevented Planting Info

Young rice crop. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

Louisiana has had a short reprieve from the recent frequent rainfall events this week. Daily high temperatures are in the mid to upper eighties and fields are beginning to dry enough to allow field work again. For rice fields that have not established the permanent flood, this is a welcome dry window.

Many fields will be dry enough to spray and fertilize on Thursday and Friday of this week and this has growers, consultants, airplanes and commercial ground fertilizer and spray applicators busy. Currently, there is a high chance of rain on Saturday for most of the state, so getting the herbicides out and fertilizing are the primary objective for many farming operations this week.

This will mark the second major round of fields going to flood in Louisiana this year.

Prevented Planting

Unfortunately, constant wet weather has prevented many northeast Louisiana growers from planting so far this year. Since many of the soils in the region are heavy clays, it typically requires two-weeks of dry weather to dry these soils once they are saturated. Missing the rains on Saturday will be critical to allow enough time for these soils to dry. If not, filing a prevented planting claim for many of these acres may be a reality.

AgFax Weed Solutions

The late and prevented planting provisions state that the late planting period begins the day after the final planting date for the insured crop and ends 15 days after the final planting date. For insured crop acreage planted during the late planting period, the production guarantee for each acre will be reduced after the final planting date by 1% each day for the first 15 days. The prevented planting coverage is 55% of the production guarantee.

The Final Planting dates for Louisiana rice are:

  • Southwest – May 8
  • South Central – May 15
  • North – May 25

For more information on prevented planting in Louisiana you can visit with your agent or you can visit the USDA-RMA website.

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