Farmer Commentary: The Importance Of Taking The Long View on Tariff Fight

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Criticism of President Trump’s tariff negotiations has gone far enough. He’s trying to clean up a mess that’s been 30-plus years in the making.

China has beaten us bloody at every turn. They have had everything their way because we didn’t have the backbone to stand up to them. We thought they would be our “friends” if we opened our trade doors to them. (who let the dogs out?).

We have paid the full cost of lost business, lost jobs, and failed businesses for 30 years because we had very little control over our trade deals with China. As all businessmen know, there is seldom an easy fix for a long-term mistake.

Just rememer what the cotton market had to deal with for about 4 years, dancing around 50 million bales of cotton supposed to be in China’s warehouses. We were under the constant threat of them dumping it on the market and driving cotton down to a nickle a pound.

There are many more stories like this and every one of them cost us money. The President’s actions will cause temporary pain, but look at the long-term result. We gain control of our trade with China. They have got to have our grain, our cotton,our technology, and mainly our consumers.

I farm and gin cotton for a living, so I’m taking the same beatings as you are. We’re right on the edge of a huge windfall when trade really opens up.

Maybe he’ll take on India and Turkey when he finishes with China.

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