Almond Checklist For Sac Valley: 4 Tasks For May

Navel orangeworm larva and pupa.

In almonds in the Sacramento Valley, here are 4 things to put on your list for May…

#1. Monitor diseases

Continue leaf monitoring for alternaria leaf spot, shot hole, rust, scab and anthracnose if rainy weather persists. Consider a follow up rust treatment before symptoms are visible if orchard history and conditions indicate high vulnerability. Rotate the material’s site of action (FRAC Group) to avoid development of pesticide resistance.

#2. Scout for insects

Continue watching for PTB or OFM shoot strikes in first leaf orchards. Once sufficient growth for primary scaffold extension has occurred, this is no longer a concern.

#3. Check for mites

Monitor for spider mites and their predators (especially six-spotted thrips and predaceous mites) at least weekly, watching hot spot areas that are often dusty or water-stressed. Here’s more on treatment decisions.

#4. Survey weeds

Determine and record which weeds were not controlled by fall or winter treatment.

Editor’s Note: This list originally appeared in the University of California’s Tehama County Almond News, a PDF file.

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