Tennessee Field Reports: Wet Conditions Continue to Hinder Planting

Wet fields delay spring planting. ©Debra L Ferguson

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending April 21, 2019.

County Agent Comments

Jeff Via, Fayette County
The farmers in Fayette County will be planting corn and beans this week. Wet conditions have not allowed much planting. Spraying pastures, hayfields and burndown have been going on where it has been drier. Wheat looks good.

Jeff Lannom, Weakley County
Another wet week with little to no field work. Corn that has been planted is emerging very slowly. Wheat continues to improve in appearance.

David Cook, Davidson County
Consistent weekly rail events have kept high moisture levels in both the topsoil and subsoil.

Larry Moorehead, Moore County
We had 2.3 more inches of rain Friday and Saturday slowed field work for a few days. We did get a little more corn planted and some spraying and fertilizing done last week.

A. Ruth Correll, Wilson County
Another mostly good week for field work. Pastures sure have improved. Small grains and winter annuals are much improved. Folks are working on pasture damage from wet, winter weather.

John Goddard, Loudon County
Sunshine week followed by rainy weekend.

General Comments

AgFax Weed Solutions

Rains returned to West Tennessee last week, keeping most farmers from the field. Soybean and cotton planting began on a very limited basis. Anticipating drier conditions, row crop farmers expected to begin planting in earnest during the coming week. Wheat condition continued to improve in most areas. Pasture and forage condition also continued to improve. There were 3.2 days suitable for fieldwork last week. Topsoil moisture rated 51 percent adequate, and 49 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture rated 61 percent adequate, and 39 percent surplus.

All Crops Flood Damage rated 4 percent severe, 17 percent moderate, 22 percent light, and 57 percent none. All Crops Rain Damage rated 4 percent severe, 25 percent moderate, 23 percent light, and 48 percent none. Winter Wheat Planted Area – Flooded Percentage was reported at 16%.

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