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    I’m writing this article as my “break” from reviewing tax returns. Let me tell you, this has been a challenging year! Between new tax laws, new tax forms and certain states’ nonconformity, this will go down as a top-five-worst tax season. I was going to write on some of the top issues I’ve seen, but I’ll wait for a future column.

    What I’d like to touch on in this column are vehicles. Back in December, I remember a radio advertisement that, to paraphrase, said, “Buy a car and get a tax credit.” It made me laugh. Apparently, the advertising community has no clue about tax laws! Now that I’m talking to my clients, it’s amazing how many downsized their vehicles only to be surprised that they could not fully depreciate/expense the purchase. Some of them didn’t even take care of their cars, they just left them out on the streets even with all of the recent break-ins instead of their garage. I mean, I used to do the same because of my broken down garage doors, but thanks to the garage door openers in riverwoods il I was able to finally park my car safely in my garage. Your garage is a crucial area of your home. There are many things which may get damaged if they’re not protected well from the low temperatures of winter like your car, pipes, lawnmower, and lots of other valuable things. Keeping your garage in excellent condition will avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses. If you think that you would possibly got to find garage door repair San Diego residents can trust, you’ll contact the ADS Automatic Door Specialists for this task. Adelaide residents have relied on their local Steel-Line branch to deliver reliable garage door installation and repairs since 1991. Steel-Line Adelaide caters primarily to builders and homeowners by providing a wide variety of products, services and custom fittings to suit different budgets and needs.You can find the complete range of Steel Line Garage Doors , roller doors and shed roller doors at our Adelaide branch located on Cross Keys Road, Cavan. We also carry Steel-Line and Merlin sectional door openers, as well as roller door operators. our garage door is the most significant moving component of your house, many homeowners take their garage door for granted and completely ignoring the fact it’s required to be maintained at least once a year and of course to need to get a safety check to make sure everything moves and operated properly without any risk. Several things must be check periodically to make sure your garage door is working as it should the first thing to check is the safety sensors. located at the bottom of the door, safety sensors are responsible for the reverse mechanism making sure the door will go back up in case it senses motion in its way. The headliner is the protective device that shields you from the adverse weather conditions when driving. Even though the headliner is more of a protective gear than anything else, it is in the interest of the jeep owner to keep it as stylish as possible. Nothing works better than a jeep headliner that blends in with the rest of the jeep. When ordering for a headliner that will work for your jeep you might want to look at it as being more than just an accessory because there is much more to it than what meets the eye. Here are some of the essential features of an ideal jetliner any buyer should take into consideration. On top of the list are the available colors. A company such as Bestop provides jeep headliners in three distinct colors. These are from black, charcoal and black denim. These colors are sorted depending on the model of the jeep. Jeep is a subsidiary car brand belonging to the Chrysler group. Because it’s the oldest and most known SUV and off road carmaker in the planet, the word “Jeep” has changed into a common term describing Sport Utility Autos and off-roaders. The first baytown jeep dealership and praying for the US armed forces that needed a tough, trustworthy car that might be driven in all terrains and in all weather conditions. They needed an off-roader that would simply be transported all around the planet and was easy to maintain, so the first Jeep models were the perfect solution for the army wants. The first Jeep produced in big the M715 model that was mainly employed in the Vietnam War The civilian models derived from the army automobiles produced by Jeep in the 1950s and 1960s so they kept their wonderful off roader capabilities. In truth, for a number of years, enthusiasts all around the world that wanted a car to get to the highest tops bought the removed the sole automobiles ready to deliver such intense performance. Today Jeep sells several SUV models, among which the Wrangler, Commander, Compass and Patriot are the best known.

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    So what are the rules?

    The vehicle must be used 50% or more in a qualified business. If the business use is 50%, only 50% can be depreciated (or 50% lease payments expensed). There are also special rules if the vehicle is used by someone not directly connected to your business.

    • First year – $10,000 (additional $8,000 if you elect bonus depreciation).
    • Second year – $16,000.
    • Third year – $9,600.
    • Fourth and later years – $5,760.

    Now here is the confusing part:

    The IRS issued a Revenue Procedure (Rev. Proc. 2019-13 if you have trouble sleeping) in February for those who use bonus depreciation on passenger vehicles. It’s too complex to get into, but a key takeaway is that you might end up depreciating the passenger vehicle past the five-year asset life.

    If the vehicle is under 6,000 pounds, I would ask my clients if they intend on keeping the car/van/truck in excess of five years. Most times, the answer is “No.” If that is the case, the client might be better off leasing the vehicle (two-to-three-year higher-mileage lease — but be aware if the fair market value exceeds $50,000, there may be inclusion of income issues) or simply taking mileage.

    Large vehicles (gross vehicle weight over 6,000 pounds) are not subject to depreciation limits, but limited to $25,000 of Sect. 179 expense. Like all things IRS, there are exceptions:

    • Vehicle is designed to allow more than nine people to sit behind the driver (i.e. bus).
    • Vehicle has a cargo area of 6 feet or more (i.e. extended bed pickups).
    • Vehicle does not have seating behind driver (commercial van).

    If any of these exceptions apply, there are no limitations on Sect. 179 expensing. Most trucks and large SUVs fall under the 25K Sect. 179 expense limitation; however, you can still use bonus depreciation to fully write off the cost.

    I know what you are thinking: How can something as simple as depreciating a business asset be so hard?


    Editor’s note: Tax Columnist Rod Mauszycki is a CPA and tax partner with the accounting firm of CliftonLarsonAllen, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Send questions to

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