Farmers Can Now Manage USDA Farm Loans Online

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Do you have farm loans through USDA? If so, USDA’s Farm Service Agency has launched a new feature that enables you to login to view farm loan information, history, and payments through, USDA’s new information and self-service website available to agricultural producers.

Using a desktop, tablet, or phone, the “My Financial Information” feature enables you to view:

  • loan information.
  • interest payments for the current calendar year (including year-to-date interest paid for the past five years).
  • loan advance and payment history.
  • paid-in-full and restructured loans.
  • account alerts giving borrowers important notifications regarding their loans. For example, an account alert will be displayed if a loan is past due.

Currently, access is only available for customers doing business as individuals. Entities – such as an LLC or Trust – can’t access the portal at this time, but access is being planned.

This new addition to the portal will enable producers and FSA staff to view loan-related information.

This new addition to the portal will enable producers and FSA staff to view loan-related information. Click Image to Enlarge

How to Access

To access USDA farm loan information, visit and sign in to the site’s authenticated dashboard, available on the menu at the top right of the site. To access, you will need a Level 2 USDA eAuth account.

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If you do not have a Level 2 USDA eAuth account, sign-up for one today. This account gets you access to your loan information and other self-service features available through the portal.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers to access the feature.

Login to the portal.

Learn more about Level 2 USDA eAuth.

Built for Your Needs

USDA is building for farmers, by farmers. Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with the Customer Experience Center of Excellence – established by the General Services Administration – to find ways to improve our delivery of programs and services.

As part of this process, we took a close look at FSA farm loans, tracking the farm loan journey. In interviews with customers and staff, we developed some key recommendations, many of which involved access and self-service to loans online. This latest feature is one of many to come.

More Features to Come

These functionalities are the first of many that will be available to USDA customers through the portal. Eventually, customers will be able to use the portal to:

  • find the right loan programs that best fit their business goals.
  • submit loan documents to their service center via the dashboard.
  • view loan information as entities.

Download our Loan Information on fact sheet. (PDF, 1,350 KB) or User Guide (PDF, 622 KB).

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