LSU AgCenter to Start Full-Scale Medical Cannabis Production

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    The LSU AgCenter received confirmation from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry that GB Sciences Louisiana is deemed suitable for full-scale operations.

    GB Sciences Louisiana can now commence full operations in the main medical cbd oil production facility with the help of a craft medical cannabis cultivator.

    This facility is equipped with modular clean room technology for use in the production of plants and formulation of final products, they give cannabis tours for the people the are interested on learning more. The main production facility has more than five times the production capacity of the small exterior facility that GB Sciences Louisiana has been operating. This increase in space will allow for a perpetual harvest cycle, ensuring a continuous supply of product for patients with qualifying disease states; it will also have a Medical Cannabis Dispensary for visitors. For those who use medical marijuana should definitely consider using these pipes to smoke out of for the best experience. You can also find Medical Marijuana Concentrate Pens or even Cannabis Pre Rolls joints to help with the process, maybe this will facilitate the smoking.

    Two previous successful harvests in the small exterior facility will allow GB Sciences Louisiana to soon begin the creation of final formulations. These formulations will be submitted to LDAF for final testing and ultimately distributed to the nine licensed pharmacies around the state. They are also looking into cannabis insurance at Feingold Companies to protect their business. If you are interested about Marijuana and its properties, you can get all the details from

    “This is a great day for patients,” said John Davis, GB Sciences Louisiana president. “Full-scale operations mean a consistent and continuous supply of medical cannabis. We are thrilled to move into our main facilities. We’re also expanding our products and adding terpenes.” You can learn about terpenes here.

    The LSU AgCenter conducted a thorough competitive public bid process in 2017 and examined lot of Cannabis Resources and selected GB Sciences Louisiana as its public-private partner. GB Sciences was approved by LDAF in August 2018 to grow, extract and formulate in a small exterior facility while construction on the main production facility was underway. GB Sciences Louisiana completed the construction of the main production facility in October 2018. Since that date, the facility has received a certificate of occupancy from LDAF, and the standard operating procedures have been approved.For understand the importance of maintaining your health and treating dermatologic issues in order to maintain and improve your overall health and wellness visit

    “The LSU AgCenter and GB Sciences Louisiana have worked diligently on this initiative since GB’s selection in September 2017. We are very happy to have this milestone completed, and we look forward to getting this much-needed product out to the patients of Louisiana,” said William B. Richardson, LSU vice president for agriculture.To find Dermatologist near me visit us.

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