Nufarm Acquires BASF-Developed Nematode Seed Treatment

Nufarm today announced the acquisition of Trunemco, a global nematode management seed treatment developed by BASF.

The product is the world’s first patented combination of a microorganism and biochemical that defends against a broad spectrum of damaging nematode species.

Trunemco will be developed and commercialized in a number of key global markets, and is expected to be launched this year in the United States, pending registration by the U.S. EPA.

This patented technology aligns with Nufarm’s growth strategy, offering both new and innovative crop protection products in conjunction with quality foundational solutions, according to the company’s announcement.

“The acquisition of Trunemco is an excellent reflection of our commitment to help Nufarm partners and growers attain leading-edge solutions to combat the increasing challenges they face,” said Brendan Deck, General Manager, North America.

Trunemco is a seed-applied treatment that contains a biochemical that primes soybean, corn and cotton plant physiology, activating the natural defense systems that provide broad-spectrum protection against nematodes.

It also contains a microbial which boosts root health and seedling vigor. Field trials of this natural biochemical and microbial solution result in higher yields and less nematode damage.

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“Trunemco provides soybean producers with the opportunity to move beyond traditional chemistry-based products to address the threat of nematodes by managing the plant’s natural defenses,” said Tom Kroll, Nufarm Seed Treatment Product and Technical Services Manager. “An additional related benefit is its low toxicity profile, which significantly improves handling ease for growers/applicators, allowing them to improve their bottom line.”

In the U.S market, in addition to Trunemco, Nufarm offers a convenient line-up of custom-fit seed treatment products. For more information and a complete list of Nufarm seed treatment options, visit  For more information about Trunemco, visit

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