Corteva Spins Off Herbicide Line To Amvac Parent Company

American Vanguard Corporation (AVC), which owns the Amvac brand and subsidiary, today announced the acquisition of the quizalofop (QPE) product line of herbicides from Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont.

The primary markets for these products are in canola, soybeans and pulse crops in the United States and Canada. This transaction includes acquisition of technical registrations, commercial sales information and the transfer of existing product supply arrangements.

Financial terms were not being disclosed.

“Our acquisition of the QPE product line from Corteva Agriscience provides our crop protection business with a portfolio of valuable herbicide brands that hold significant leadership positions in the North American market,” said Eric Wintemute, chairman and CEO of American Vanguard. “These products are complementary to existing glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4D use and are highly regarded for weed and grass control by providing a broad window of application and excellent crop safety.”

The new DowDuPont Enlist seed trait technology for corn provides crop tolerance to these QPE herbicides, making them ideal for achieving improved weed management, he added.

AVD also secured a license to market QPE for use alone or with Enlist herbicides over-the-top of the new Enlist corn seeds, a segment that is forecast to grow considerably in coming years, he added.

“These products have a well-established market position, are solidly profitable and offer the promise of growth as the Enlist trait technology expands,” Wintemute said.

AVD also acquired the rights to market in Argentina and Chile, and that “dovetails with our initiative to increase market access in that South American region. We will continue multiple existing supply agreements for these products and incorporate the sales and marketing of these brands into our expanding portfolio of herbicide offerings.”

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