Missouri: Crop Budgets, Land Rental Analysis For Southeastern Counties

The 2019 Southeast Missouri Crop Budgets and Crop Budgets with Crop Rent Analysis can be found on my web site.  The crop budgets are in both Excel and PDF format.

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On the Crop Budget Spreadsheet, there are 2 crop decision aid worksheets to assist in making decisions on which crops to plant based on variable production costs and changes in yields and prices.  The Crop Decision Aid – Breakeven Worksheet calculates the yield and price between two crops that give equal net returns.  Crop Decision Aid – Net Returns Worksheet calculates the net return between two crops based on changes in yield and price.

The Two Summary Worksheets compare the economic returns of irrigated and non-irrigated crops.  First, develop a budget for each crop that will be in the analysis.  Update crop yields and prices in rows 5 and 6.

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