Kansas: Farm Leasing Arrangements – Have You Evaluated Yours for 2019?

    Well, 2019 will soon be here, hopefully, everyone has their “to do” lists compiled and actually started. One of the items on your list may be re-examining your farmland leasing arrangements for your farmstead. Whether your leasing arrangements include cropland, pasture or both, this can be a very challenging component of your farming enterprise. 

    It is estimated that more than 50% of Kansas farmland and pastureland is rented and is a growing prominence with many producers.  Different types of leases have been developed to meet the needs of the modern Kansas farmer and rancher.  It is important that both parties, to a farm or ranch lease, understand the details of their lease agreement and the laws that affect their lease.

    Leases can be written or oral, however, a written lease is highly encouraged as it will help and make sure the rights of all parties involved are clearly defined and understood.  An oral lease is only enforceable for one year, generally until March 1, whereas a written lease may cover any period of time.

    If you are the tenant or the landowner, there are specific dates that are important.  One of the dates is coming up soon, which is the termination notice for an oral lease.  Kansas law specifies that proper written notice of termination be delivered to the tenant at least 30 days prior to March 1 (except written leases that specify another termination date) in order to terminate the lease for that year.

    So the date for 2019 would be January 29.  If proper written notice is not given to the tenant 30 days prior to March 1, then the tenant will maintain possession of the property until March 1 of the following year or 2020.

    Stop by any K-State Research and Extension, Post Rock District office for a copy of the “Kansas Agricultural Lease Law” along with sample farm and pastureland leases and other helpful information.

    This is the 7th year that the Post Rock Extension District has conducted a Leasing Arrangements Survey in each of the 5 counties of our district including Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne and Smith.  The 2018 survey responses are currently being compiled and will be available, approximately mid-January, at any of our Post Rock District offices along with on our website at www.postrock.ksu.edu.

    If you have any questions regarding farmland leasing arrangements, contact me at any of our Post Rock Extension District Offices in Beloit, Lincoln, Mankato, Osborne or Smith Center.

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