Alabama: Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes in 2019

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be teaching several private pesticide applicator training classes. These classes are designed for the farmers who need to take the private pesticide applicator test in order to purchase restricted use products. However, we will be discussing chemical safety and sprayer calibration at this class, so anyone who sprays pesticides on a large scale will benefit from this training, even if a restricted pesticide license is not needed.

A fee of $20 will be charged for this training and testing. An additional licensing fee of $25 will be sent to the Department of Agriculture and Industries by the applicant. The licensing fee is not included in the training and testing fee. Please plan to pay with a check (checks are preferred) made out the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) in the amount of $20 or with the correct cash amount.

Remember to read and follow the label directions before applying pesticides. On our web site, we have information on pesticides that are labeled for certain crops, such as insects, disease, and weed control in turf, ornamentals, vegetables, fruit, forages, and other areas such as insects in wood structures.

For people who spray large areas, remember that sprayer calibration is extremely important. Sprayer calibration is the process of figuring out how many gallons of water is being applied to a known area and making needed adjustments so that the correct volume of water is applied. The particular pesticide label will give a range of desired gallons of water per acre that is needed to be applied along with the recommended rate of pesticide.

Simple math calculations and a little time are needed to properly calibrate a sprayer. If you need more information on sprayer calibration, just contact your local County Extension Office, or visit our website and type sprayer calibration in the “Search Our Site” box.

The dates and locations of the meetings is as follows:

  • On January 18 the class will be taught at the Coosa County Extension Office [(256) 377-4713],
  • January 24 at the Randolph County Ag Center in Wedowee [(256) 357-2841],
  • January 25 at the Macon County Extension Office [(334) 727-0340],
  • January 29 at the Cleburne County Extension Office [(256) 463-2620],
  • January 30 at the Talladega County Extension Office [(256) 362-6187],
  • February 19 at the Lee County Extension Office [(334) 749-3353],
  • February 20 at the Clay County Extension Office [(256) 354-5976],
  • February 27 at the Chambers County EMA Office [(334) 864-9373],
  • September 10 at the Tallapoosa County Extension Office [(256) 825-1050],
  • November 6 at the Calhoun County Extension Office [(256) 237-1621], and
  • December 4 at the Russell County Extension Office [(334) 298-6845].

The Chambers meeting begins at 8:00 and will end around 12 noon (EST). The Russell County meeting begins at 12:30 p.m. and will end around 4:30 p.m. (EST). All of the other classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and will end around 12 noon (CST). If you would like to attend any of these classes, please call the Extension office in the county you would like to attend to make a reservation.

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