Georgia Field Reports: Harvest Continues, Yields Lower Than Expected

Photo: Nick McMichen

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 4, 2018.

County Comments

Bobby Solomon, Talbot County
Pest and disease control in pastureland has been an issue.

Brent Allen, Washington County
Harvesting continued for cotton, peanuts, and soybeans. Yields were decent, but less than expected. Quality was lacking some. Livestock producers fed hay. Winter grazing was growing, but it will be a while before it can be utilized.

Doug Collins, Lee County
Producers continued to remove fallen trees and limbs from pecan groves. The peanut harvest was put on hold by rain at the end of the week, as were the pecan and cotton harvests.

Jeremy Kichler, Colquitt County
The soybean harvest was going well. Rain slowed down the cotton and peanut harvests. Cattle producers were establishing grazing.

General Comments

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According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Georgia, there were 5.0 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, November 4, 2018. Precipitation estimates for the state ranged from no rain to 1.9 inches. Average high temperatures ranged from the high 50s to the high 70s. Average low temperatures ranged from the high 30s to the mid 50s.

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