Arkansas Field Reports: Early Week Rains Delay Harvest

Photo: University of Arkansas

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 30, 2018.

Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

Dave Freeze, Greene County
“Heavy rains early last week brought harvest to a standstill. Combines began moving back into the field by the weekend.”

Kevin Lawson, Faulkner County
“Armyworms moved into pastures, hay fields, and food plots heavily this week. Several fields were sprayed. Rice harvest was just getting started again when more rain moved in on Thursday. Producers are ready to plant winter annuals such as oats, wheat, and ryegrass when fields dry. We need a good week of dry sunny weather to move forward with harvest and planting.”

Mike Andrews, Randolph County
“Crop harvest began late last week in fields that were dry enough to get in. A few livestock producers cut hay to ensure they have an adequate hay supply for winter feeding.”

Terrell Davis, Pike County
“Producers have planted a higher than average numbers of acres in cool season forages in the last two weeks. Stockpiled warm season grasses have also increased.”

Glenda Sutherlin, Union County
“Light rain and seasonal temperatures returned to the county last week. There is still not enough rain to produce a healthy color change in hardwoods, but the situation is somewhat better than the previous week. Producers were making final hay cuttings and planting some acres in winter forages to supplement the short hay season.”

General Comments

AgFax Weed Solutions

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Arkansas, there were 2.6 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, September 30, 2018. Topsoil moisture supplies were 0 percent very short, 3 percent short, 58 percent adequate, and 39 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 2 percent very short, 10 percent short, 62 percent adequate, and 26 percent surplus.

Low temperatures ranged from 54.0 degrees Fahrenheit at Lead Hill to 67.2 degrees Fahrenheit at Crossett. Highs ranged from 71.5 degrees Fahrenheit at Winslow to 85.8 degrees Fahrenheit at Eudora. Moderate to heavy precipitation was received throughout the State, with the highest concentration occurring in the southwest part of the State with an average of 2.18 inches.

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