Texas Livestock: What’s Your Biggest Predator? Take the Online Survey.

Coyotes are a major predator. Photo: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Predators cause economic hardship on Texas livestock producers annually. 

“When you tally the losses annually across all sectors of livestock, whether it’s lambs, goats or calves, the dollars add up quickly.”said Bill Thompson, AgriLife Extension economist based in San Angelo.

A new online survey statewide survey will replace the last comprehensive survey of predators in Texas, which was conducted about 10 years ago.

The survey aims to answer these questions:

  • What predators are causing losses?
  • What livestock are primary predator targets?
  • What control measures are being used?
  • How much are control measures costing producers?

“With this new survey, producers can go online at their convenience and provide their responses,” explained Thompson. “This is a statewide survey and we are hoping to get a complete assessment of how much predators are costing Texas livestock producers.”

Thompson said federal surveys, while important, do not include county estimates and other specific loss estimates.

“This survey will also give us a more comprehensive, accurate picture of the real returns for Texas livestock operations,” Thompson said. “Paper copies are available, but we prefer all responses be done online.”

To access the survey, click here 

For a paper copy of the survey, call Thompson at 325-657-7306 or email w-thompson@tamu.edu.

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