Virginia Field Reports: Rains Not Enough to Keep Farmers from Fields

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Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending August 19, 2018.

REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


Consistent rains are keeping the ground too wet for field work. Grasses are green and lush for this time of year. Early planted corn is about ready to harvest for silage.

LOUDOUN (Jim Hilleary)
Another week noted for heavy, but localized rain events meaning the weather’s impact on producers county wide varies. In general, row crops in well drained fields/soil are thriving, equipment movement across pastures is possible, but operators must pay attention for low areas with saturated soil obscured by vegetation. Invasive grasses and sedges are aggressively expanding their pasture presence. Vegetable, cane fruit, tree fruit, and grape producers are reporting higher than seasonal normal levels of fungus damage. Some growers indicate that they cannot move fungicide application equipment to the problem spots because of saturated soil.


ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas Stanley)
After a week of heat and humidity typical of August, Saturday and Sunday were cloudy with showers helping all crops.

Unseasonably wet conditions prevailed over the last two weeks. Significant late afternoon storms have contributed lots of rain.


CAROLINE (Mike Broaddus)
Nothing abnormal to report at this time.

CAMPBELL (Todd Scott)
I got some hay samples back today. Since many producers cut first cutting hay around the 1st of June because of the rain in May, the quality tests are low. This particular field protein tested 8.4%CP and 55.4% TDN. Producers are going to have to be careful especially if feeding this hay to fall calving cattle.

APPOMATTOX (Bruce Jones)
Tobacco has greatly improved from the recent rains. Dark tobacco harvest is underway on many farms and progressing well between the rainy days. Topping continues on the burley tobacco. Silage harvest progressing well. Soybeans are benefiting greatly from the recent rains.


KING GEORGE (Mike Broaddus)
Nothing abnormal to report at this time.

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SCOTT (Scott Jerrell)
Spotty showers and downpours this weekend have given us much needed rain, but have caused some slides and erosion issues. Forecast calls for rain all week, which may contribute to further problems.


GREENSVILLE (Sara Rutherford)
Heavy rains fell over a majority of the county over the weekend. Weed pressure is building in a few cotton and peanut fields. Scouting for insects and diseases continues.

BRUNSWICK (Cynthia Gregg)
Spotty showers this week did not slow farm work too much this week. Tobacco is still being harvested and cured tobacco is being taken to receiving stations. Early fall hay is being cut in some areas. Fall vegetables are being planned for and planted. Sweet potatoes will be harvested soon. Scouting of crops is ongoing. Preparation for fall calving is going on and a few early arrivals have occurred from heifers.

General Comments

Days suitable for fieldwork were 5.1. Weather conditions were rainy with spotty showers; grasses are green and lush. Farming activities for the week included planning for fall crops and calving, and harvesting tobacco, fruit, and corn for silage.

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