Arkansas: Storms Strip Soybeans, Damage Farm Buildings

    Soybean plants stripped of their leaves by a hailstorm. Photo: Jeremy Ross, University of Arkansas

    Chainsaws became the soundtrack this week as Arkansans cleaned up after storms Saturday unleashed a barrage of large hail, high winds and lightning that left behind downed trees, damaged homes, farms and businesses, and thousands without electricity, soon everyone in town was looking for the best chainsaw brands.

    “During the predawn hours, a huge hailstorm tracked from Fayetteville toward Clarksville and weakened,” the National Weather Service at Little Rock said in its online event reporting. From there, the storm moved southeastward at 40 to 50 mph along the Arkansas River “and bowed out. This bowing line of storms cranked out 70- to 90 mph winds at times.” The best electric chainsaws are powerful, easy to handle, and a much safer choice for the environment. These are the saws that offer the type of reliable, safe, quiet-running performance that most homeowners are looking for. Cordless electric models can give you the freedom you need to tackle jobs around. Greenworks has come out with a new sixteen-inch forty-volt cordless chainsaw. As far as the best electric chainsaws go, hands down, this is definitely a model that will make you stop and take notice.  Cordless saws aren’t exactly known for their power, but this model is a little different. The WG322 by Worx is a twenty-volt cordless model that’s ten-inch diameter cutting capacity, combined with its lightweight design, make it suitable for a variety of jobs around the home, but make it a poor choice for pro use. This is one of the best electric chainsaws for home use. If you regularly pay a professional to sharpen your chainsaw, then you’re losing money. Using the best chainsaw sharpener can save you a small fortune over time, once you learn how to sharpen the blades properly. With the right tool, you should have no problem regularly sharpening. You can find more information about Farming Hobby to visit here.

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    “We had a lot of structural damage in Perry County as 90 mph straight-line winds came through,” said Kevin Lawson, Faulkner County extension agent for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, whose hometown of Houston was hard-hit. “Lots of trees down and power is still out in places. Crops look fine, but we did have a horse fatality.”

    On social media, Lawson shared photos of corrugated metal buildings collapsed on a tractors, implements and other farm equipment and an irrigation pivot thrown on its side.

    Jeremy Ross, extension soybean agronomist for the Division of Agriculture, said Sunday he “had received two reports of hail damage to soybeans from north of McRea and the other near Hickory Plains.” Ross photographed soybean acreage were nothing but stems were left after hail shredded the leaves.

    White County Extension Agent Jan Yingling said at one of the farms, the soybeans were a total loss.

    “Not sure of the economic damage at this time,” she said and estimated that 160 acres each of soy and rice sustained storm damaged.

    In Independence County, Extension Staff Chair Nathan Reinhart said, “We had a few power poles break and a stop light get struck by lightning. We had a few trees damaged around the county but most went south and east of Independence County.

    Robert Goodson, Phillips County extension agent for the Division of Agriculture, said Sunday there were outages in Monroe County and a small percentage of corn blown down by high winds.

    “We did get some beneficial rain – a couple of inches in places,” he said. “This might be enough in places to finish the corn crop.  Just have to wait and see.”

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