Texas West Plains Cotton: Crop Looking Better Going into Bloom

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Cotton has generally been growing off much better the past couple of weeks under the current weather conditions. Many fields are reaching bloom stage or will be blooming in the next week or so.

This is a great milestone physiologically to achieve before mid-July, as it gives us a full month then to bloom and set bolls. In fact, some fields still are growing a bit too much vegetatively and could use a plant growth regulator to balance out some of this growth to the reproductive side.

I say this knowing several fields are not going into bloom until they have 9 nodes above white flower. This is great if we have an exceptional fall. However, I personally would rather see 7-8 nodes above white flower going into bloom. Not too much horsepower to over shoot the target but enough to get there and mature it out with quality.

Pest wise we are not concerned so much with fleahoppers once we move into bloom stage cotton. We still need to watch some young cotton to protect those squares.

I would concentrate on Lygus, and particularly cotton bollworms. I am not saying just on conventional cotton either. We must scout technology cotton as well. Irrigation is critical at this stage for cotton to progress at a pattern mentioned above and so that it matures out properly.

To wait could only cause late growth which will possibly have maturity issues. Also, get your fertilizers out ASAP and for certain before the end of the month.

Grain sorghum is all over the board. Many acres have just been planted. I would not recommend planting after this point unless it is simply just for cover or a Sudangrass hay. Just know the sugarcane aphid was found in northern Lamb County this week in some seed sorghum. Scout!

Peanuts continue to do well. We are in the time frame in which a preventative fungicide application should be considered for maximum protection from disease and meeting yield goals. I have detected leaf spot just starting in a few fields in Hockley and Cochran Counties.

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