North Carolina Field Reports: Extreme Temps, Variable Rains

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 8, 2018.

County Extension Comments

Tim Britton – Johnston County Extension
Extreme heat and areas that have not had an inch of rain in 30 days. Several acres of corn has lost yield potential due to the dry weather. 

Robert Hawk – Swain County Extension
Rainfall has been above normal this last period with 1″-2″ widespread from afternoon and frontal Thundershowers. Soil is “Average WET.” Temperatures are above normal with temperatures approaching near 90 F in valleys and 60s for night-time lows.

Georgia Love – Agronomist Region 5
Moisture conditions across the region are extremely variable. Some areas have received excessive rainfall and have had issues with getting stands. Others are extremely dry and crops are suffering. Disease is increasing rapidly in tobacco. The extreme heat has effected corn pollination, especially in the dry areas.

Charles Mitchell – Franklin County Extension
Franklin County has become extremely dry over the last week with no rain and temperatures reaching into the mid 90’s. Tobacco is struggling in areas, corn has started to twist and soybeans have slowed down growing. Pastures are starting dry down some as well.

Julia Houck – Ashe-Alleghany County Extension
Hay harvest is in full swing. Scattered afternoon showers have helped with the dry conditions, but has made harvesting hay challenging. Vegetable crops are doing good.

Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
Showers continue to hinder field work. Most soybean acres have been planted, but a few remain behind due to wetness. Sunshine and warmer temps this week have helped most crops.

Gary Cross – Person County Extension
Another big rain. Crops not at all in good condition over all extreme heat has returned.

AgFax Weed Solutions

Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension
Afternoon thunderstorms predominated the week with some localized heavy precipitation and isolated flash flooding. Most of the county received between 3″-5″ of rain for the week. Temperatures were on the warm side with highs mainly in the mid 80’s. Due to wet soil conditions, field activity was limited.

Mark Seitz/Tim Matthews – Pender County Extension
Rains stopped long enough for farmers to finish harvesting wheat. Yields were good but test weights were down. Rains delayed harvest and there was significant kernel loss in some fields. Corn is looking better with dryer weather and fertilizer added but yield damage from early continuous rains will still have a significant impact on this crop. Soybean planting has been delayed to the end of June. Many farmers are catching up trying to get them planted but showers and thunderstorms continue to pop up and keep field conditions wet.

Taylor Williams – Moore County Extension
Excessive heat and subpar rainfall amounts are beginning to reduce pollination and grain fill of corn. Tobacco is beginning to flower.

Al Wood – Pasquotank County Extension
Drying conditions are allowing cabbage, Irish potato and wheat harvest to continue. Also, soybeans are being planted.

Norman Harrell – Wilson County Extension
We are extremely dry. Crops are in drought stress.

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