Texas West Plains Pests: Few Insects, Weeds a Major Issue


A good gentle widespread rain event would sure be nice for this upcoming 4th of July week. We do have a chance, like 35%, going into Saturday evening. Hopefully it will moderate these high temperatures as well. These constant 10+ mph winds have also wore out their welcome a long time ago.


Based on fields in the IPM Scouting Program, cotton is averaging 8.5 total nodes (range is 3 to 12 nodes); the 1st fruiting branch at 6 (range 5-7); 94% (range 60-100%) retention of 1st position squares; node length is 0.75″ (range of 0.5″-1.25″), and plant populations average 32,250 per acre (range 19,000 to 49,000).

Based on average plant mapping data and going into bloom with 8 nodes above white flower, we should generally begin bloom around July 15th (earliest blooms could be seen around July 5th). With a last effective bloom date of August 20, that gives us a full month for effective blooming. The young replanted cotton will be much behind this pattern.

Cotton fleahopper numbers continue to remain very low to none existent. Here is the link to the fleahopper management guide.

Also, here is a video I made which may be of help:

Lygus have not been detected in cotton, only a few in weeds. No cotton aphids have been noted and no worms have been found.

Weed control has been the order of the day for the past several days if not weeks. It has been difficult to find a calm day. Liberty herbicide has worked very well when we had some humidity. The dicamba products seem to be doing well also.

Please do not tempt fate by spraying very large weeds with dicamba. This will only speed up the process of building resistant weeds. I would highly suggest you supplement weed control with some layby treatment for residual control.


Peanuts are doing very well. Most all fields are well into bloom and are beginning to set pegs. Weed control remains as pest priority number one. Do pay attention to crown and foliar disease possibilities. If you cultivate do not pitch soil to plant.

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